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Ideal for spaces where a physical, but not visual barrier is needed, our frameless glass walls allow natural light to penetrate a space and deliver maximum space flexibility.

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GL Series Frameless Glasswall

Ideal for spaces where a physical, but not visual barrier is needed, our frameless glass walls allow natural light to penetrate a space and deliver maximum space flexibility. The term “frameless” is used because these glass panels lack a vertical frame member and are made with a single sheet of glass that is mounted to slimline top and bottom horizontal rails.

Majestic Views

Combining the drama and beauty of glass with the functionality of operable partitions. Hufcor’s Frameless GlassWall™ movable partitions offer transparency and elimination of visual obstruction for an unlimited palette for interior design. At Hufcor, our glass focus is to have a clear vision of aesthetics while still achieving space separation and sound control.

Innovation Combined with Creativity

Found in buildings across markets around the world, Hufcor Frameless GlassWall can be configured in many ways to meet your space requirements. Choose from single or paired panels or a slider panel configuration. Perhaps add an in-line pass door with locking hardware. We also offer a wide range of metal and glass surfaces and treatments to compliment any decor.

Open Sightlines

No vertical frame members provide continuous sight-lines, unobstructed views and maximum use of available light.

Limitless Spans

For openings up to 10’5″(3.2m) high and virtually unlimited width.

Curved Walls

Ability to create curved walls opens up a new range of design possibilities.

Brighten and Improve the Quality of Your Space

Designing glass panels into your facility allows natural sunlight into your space, which could qualify for LEED points for Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Credit 8.2: Daylight and Views.

Clear Floor - No Floor Tracks

Hufcor movable partitions are supported on tracks from above - no floor tracks to get in the way, no tripping hazards, no interference or limitations on clear floor space and no crevices to collect debris.

Industry Leadership

We never take for granted our history, quality reputation and leadership position in the operable wall industry. From our 117 years of experience manufacturing in the U.S. to our ISO 9001 certification to our innovation stream and quality systems, Hufcor has and continues to demonstrate our commitment in delivering quality operable wall products that are dependable and work flawlessly in the most challenging environments.

Focused on Customerization

When it comes to space, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. At Hufcor our talented team of engineers will provide their expertise and work collaboratively to deliver modifications or custom solutions to meet your needs. No challenge is too big or too small. We’re always eager and willing to understand the specific requirements of your project to deliver exactly what’s needed.

Partition Studio™

Architecture starts with flexibility and base of design which is why Hufcor created Partition Studio™. This proprietary software program allows for easy input of operable partition dimensions and design criteria and produces quick turn around CAD drawings including partition storage options, track systems, support punching templates and pricing to keep projects on budget and on time.

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