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Speed-Rail ® System – Architectural Applications System Description Applications Infill panels vary from perforated metal (exterior) to hardwood birch (interior) to glass or composite. Custom-designed wood infill panels were used in conjunction with Hollaender's Speed-Rail ® System on the loft...

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Speed-Rail® System

Speed-Rail® System

Speed-Rail® System – Architectural Applications

System Description

  • Non-welded aluminum based railing system
  • Maintenance free
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Choice of mill, anodized, or powder coat finish
  • Wide range of metal infill panels or glass panels
  • Designs available: Speed-Rail® "Industrial Chic" as shown & Interna-Rail® "Continuous Rail"


Infill panels vary from perforated metal (exterior) to hardwood birch (interior) to glass or composite.

Custom-designed wood infill panels were used in conjunction with Hollaender's Speed-Rail® System on the loft and stair rails in this loft project located in Denver, Colorado. The architect specified the birch wood panels which were secured using Hollaender's® panel clips. The panel clip offers great flexibility during the specifying process as it can be machined to securely fasten any thickness from 1/8" to 1".

Speed-Rail® System

NEW! Glass Infill-Panels

Hollaender® one and two-piece panel clips assure that the handrail system meets IBC code requirements.


Choice of mill, anodized, or powder coat finishes for all slip-on fittings and aluminum pipe.

Powder coats meet minimum AAMA 2603 standards. Glass panels are 3/8" thick, tempered or laminated.

System and Installation Details

Speed-Rail® can be installed on concrete, wood or steel structures. We offer 19 base flange designs that comply with model code requirements for structural performance and integrity.

See the CAD LIBRARY portion of this Profile for an overview of the Speed-Rail® railing system and typical installation details. Contact Hollaender for assistance in developing details for your specific project.


See the 3-PART SPECIFICATION portion of this Profile for our ready-to-edit architectural specification.

Use the following "guide spec" for simple projects:

How to Specify Hollaender® Slip-On Structural Pipe Fittings:

The (handrail/guardrail, rack, or pipe structure) shall be constructed with (Speed-Rail® , Speed-Rail® II, Nu-Rail® , Rackmaster® , or Mend-A-Rail® ) slip-on/bolt-on structural pipe fittings, as regularly manufactured by The Hollaender Manufacturing Company, 10285 Wayne Avenue, Box 156399, Cincinnati, Ohio 45215-6399, of high-tensile aluminum-magnesium alloy 535.0 manufactured in compliance with ASTM B26, cast from high-purity ingot 535.2 that conforms to ASTM B179.

All fittings shall be securely fastened to the pipe with internal/external, reverse knurl, cup point, hexagon socket set screws that conform to FF-S-200, and ANSI/ASME 18.3-1986 Type C/G. Set screws made of alloy steel shall conform to ASTM F912, and zinc plating shall be JS-600. Austenitic grade stainless steel set screws shall be 302 alloy.

Infill panels shall be attached to the outer railing with Hollaender® panel clips, attached with sheet metal screws, and tightened with reverse knurl set screws.

(The following federal specifications were re-written to incorporate high-tensile aluminum-magnesium slip-on structural fittings: Corps of Engineers Guide Specification, Military Construction, CEGS-05500; Corps of Engineers, Civil Works Construction Guide Specification, CW 05502; and Navy Facilities Guide Specification, NFGS-05500.)

Speed-Rail® System

Custom Designed Built-Ins

Speed-Rail® components were used, along with anodized aluminum pipe, to construct the kitchen island work surface. The Speed-Rail® base flanges and aluminum pipe were utilized to achieve the designer's goal of an "industrial-chic" style. A variety of other Speed-Rail® components were also utilized to construct shelving units, sorting stations in the community mailroom, as well as computer desks in both individual lofts and in the community computer room.

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