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Aluminum and glass storefront Flood Doors for commercial building applications have been long sought after, and are difficult to build.

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Aluminum Flood Doors from Savannah Trims


Aluminum and glass storefront Flood Doors for commercial building applications have been long sought after, and are difficult to build. Savannah flood protection has built and tested a specially constructed, water resistant, custom aluminum door, with specialized glazing, designed to hold back up to 60 inches of water… and limits seepage to just 10 GPH, making this door very water resistant. Optional sidelights are also available.

Our Flood Doors are ‘Monumental’ in quality with 2.3 inch deep door extrusions and 2.5 X 5 inch frames. They are tough and designed to weather the storm.

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Seepage and other issues; As mentioned, on this site, FEMA allows seepage, because it is understood that a working door has stresses and wear-points that will allow water penetration over time. For example Double-doors include a very effective Mullion and trim to be added if flooding is anticipated and must be installed accurately, and the fixed leaf of a double door needs their head and foot bolts deployed.

  • Thresholds have very effective sweeps … however at each end there is a hairline joint that allows very small amount of penetration.

  • Operating hardware such as latches that require a hole through the door cannot be waterproofed completely.

  • A thumb-turn lock with outside key allows water through the keyway that also cannot be stopped.

  • Our doors perform very well and can support loads deeper than 60 inches but the door itself may warp from the excessive loads. If you tell us excessive loads are probable we can add door bracing to minimize this.

  • Maintenance … Be sure to inspect and maintain all flood products at least twice a year for wear and weakness, particularly before storm season.

CAUTION: Our doors are manufactured and tested for 60 inch water depths with minimum water penetration, and strong performance. BUT, they are working products, opening and closing many times per day. The user must maintain the doors condition to minimize seepage as allowed by FEMA. Frequent inspections, (especially during storm season) and change out of worn weather strippings are essential.

Sizes: 3070, 3670, 3080, 3680, all outswing.
Finishes: Clear anodized.
Hdw: push-pull, surface closer & threshold.
Optional add Closer and rim panic.

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