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Decorative Concrete Overlayments – Interior Elite Crete Systems manufactures a complete line of time tested and proven decorative concrete overlay products for interior concrete surfaces...

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Decorative Concrete Overlayments - Interior

Decorative Concrete Overlayments – Interior

Elite Crete Systems manufactures a complete line of time tested and proven decorative concrete overlay products for interior concrete surfaces where any level of traffic is expected. Unlike conventional “acrylic or vinyl” modified resurfacing materials, these polymer modified cementitious overlayments create a pH compatible chemical bond that permanently fuses with the open capillaries within the concrete substrate. This chemical bond creates a permanent finish not subject to typical delamination of some resurfacing materials and can withstand traffic of the likes of professional sports arenas, theme parks and commercial walkways.

The two primary products that make up the basis of these overlayments are:

THIN-FINISH Pre-Mixed Overlay and TEXTURE-PAVE Pre-Mixed Overlay. The term “pre-mixed” references the fact that trained professionals using these products only have to add cool, clean, potable water to the materials. This is possible due to the engineering of the materials which already contains the appropriate silica quartz size, shape and composition as well as the hybrid redispersible polymer additive in powder form, cement and other proprietary additives. Initially introduced to market in 1997, THIN-FINISH and TEXTURE-PAVE remain unchanged with millions of square feet of material being successfully installed yearly. These products have perhaps the most versatile application range with projects in professional sporting arenas, massive retail shopping malls, hotels & casinos, theme parks and more.

Product Descriptions:

THIN-FINISH Pre-Mixed Overlay: Initially engineered as simply a “concrete surface restoration” product for permanently repairing surface deteriorated concrete substrates providing the authentic look of a fresh new concrete, the performance of THIN-FINISH soon caught the eye of the decorative concrete community. With the addition of synthetic, non-oxide base color, high performance protective interior sealers, skilled texturing techniques, it was soon the golf standard of decorative concrete overlays for interior applications due to the durability and ease of use compared to other products in the market place.

THIN-FINISH is perhaps the most versatile overlayment materials available as it is engineered to be used as a simple skim coat material replicating the look of conventional concrete to a splatter textured non-slip finishes ideal for areas such as indoor waterparks and pool decks. In addition, slate trowel finishes can be created to look like travertine, slate, brick, stone and even wood planking for specialized and custom interior flooring.

TEXTURE-PAVE Pre-Mixed Overlay: Initially engineered as a deeper repair mortar for filling voids and regrading raised or sunken concrete surfaces. TEXTURE-PAVE is designed for created “thin stamped overlays” which created the identical look and texture of conventional full depth stamped concrete without the need to tear out, reform, pour and stamp concrete ready mix.

ULTRA-STONE Antiquing Stain: A penetrating waterborne stain that is designed to only be used with THIN-FINISH and TEXTURE-PAVE . ULTRA-STONE is unique due to its ability to apply one coat but achieve a multitude of color ranges that replicate the look of authentic stone. No more faux finishing techniques or spot sponging. ULTRA-STONE is engineered to apply, allow to dry and seal. Available in a very wide range of colors.

Other Supplemental Products Include:

  • E100-PT1 Clear Epoxy
  • E100-UV1 Clear Epoxy
  • AUS-V Protective Urethane
  • CHEM-STONE Reactive Stain
  • HYDRA-STONE Dye Stain
  • CLEAN-PRINT Liquid Release
  • MERCAP-445 Crack Repair

Areas of Use:

  • Retail Stores
  • Custom Residential Projects
  • Hotels & Casinos
  • Professional Sports Arenas
  • Automobile Dealership Showrooms
  • Shopping Malls
  • Schools & Universities
  • Restaurants

In Ending:

Elite Crete Systems has over 100 technical support and specification assistance offices worldwide with thousands of trained professional contractors. Visit us online at www.elitecrete.com for additional product information, project photos and to find an office near you.

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