Dynamic Closures Corporation -Lift-Ready Rolling Security Grilles - Lift Ready Portcullis (Open Air)

  • Material: Aluminum rod and link – straight pattern. Space between links 9″; rod spacing 1 3/4″. For full sizing details, please see brochure.
  • Max Height: 12’5” – depends on total width (see chart).

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Lift-Ready Rolling Security Grilles - Lift Ready Portcullis (Open Air)

If you have tight deadlines, a small installation budget, or a lot of doors to install, the Lift Ready is a great solution. It’s available for spaces up to 24’ wide by 12’ tall. Larger dimensions can be created for custom doors.

This is a great door for securing retail spaces, pharmacies, “store within a store” spaces, and counters like airport kiosks.

Benefits of the Lift-Ready Rolling Grilles
Save Time and Money with Fast, Easy Installation

The curtain arrives already wrapped on the barrel, and it’s ready to just lift into place for your contractors. The roll itself is also much lighter than others, making for easier handling.

We charge the spring-loaded counter balance for you, for faster and safer installation. Telescoping mounting tubes for more adjustability are also available.

Sleek Header Reduces or Eliminates “Boxy” Look

The Lift Ready header plate is more compact (only 15” square) than with other doors of the same size for a cleaner visual look. The roll itself is also as compact as possible. We know this is a pain point for architects, so we’ve done our best to make the header look as small and clean as possible.

If you don’t want to see the header at all, it can be installed within the ceiling.

Easy to Operate and Safe for End Users

Because this door is so lightweight and comes with a spring-loaded counterbalance, users have no trouble opening and closing this door manually. Cranks and chain hoist assists can also be used.

If a motorized operator is desired, there are all kinds of options including key switch, push button and remote control.

Safety options include a photo sensor and/or sensing edge that retracts the door should it accidentally brush up against something or someone while closing. A manual emergency release is also available for motorized doors – this disconnects the clutch from the door in the event of power failure and allows manual operation.

Supports Architectural Intent with Variety of Materials and Finishes

Available in several attractive aluminum and polycarbonate patterns, this door can visually invite users to window shop after hours, or can provide a completely opaque security solution.

Expert Support

If you’re not sure which door is the perfect fit for your project, get help from our expert support team. They can also help you get appropriate CAD elements for your design, and even help create specifications.

  • Material: Aluminum rod and link – straight pattern. Space between links 9″; rod spacing 1 3/4″. For full sizing details, please see brochure.
  • Max Height: 12’5” – depends on total width (see chart).
  • Max Width: 24’ – depends on width between guides (see chart).

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Bottom Bar Guides

Our bottom bars come standard with rubber bumpers to protect finished surfaces. Optionally, the rubber bumper can be replaced with a ceiling conceal to to minimize unsightly ceiling gaps.

Guides are designed with adjustable bottom bar top stops for fine adjustments in the field, as well as integrated smart locks for locking bottom bars.

Bracket Plates

The choice of bracket plate will need to work with the door size and material needed. Our customer service department will help you determine which one is right for your application.

Colour Options

Choose between clear, black, bronze, light bronze or champagne anodized finishes.

Alternately, we can provide almost any colour in a powder coat finish.

Compact, Easy to Install Header with Pre-Rolled Curtain

This is the smallest, lightest, and easiest to install overhead rolling door.

Hood and Fascia

Both hood and fascia are optional, as you can also leave the barrel uncovered or install it within a ceiling header. Using a hood for exposed barrels keeps it dust-free and provides a cleaner look. A fascia provides extra decorative surfacing if desired.


If you’re using any optional locking posts, you can choose between:

  • 1” mortise cylinder locks that can be easily changed to work with your internal key system and updated as needed.
  • SFIC housing and cores.
Manual Operators

Opening and closing your door is surprisingly easy when your door is this well designed. Options include a charge handle or a simple counterbalance.

Materials Options

Choose between aluminum rod and link (straight or brick pattern), perforated aluminum, V-groove solid aluminum, or aluminum with polycarbonate panels. See models tab for more details.

Motorized Operators

We recommend using one of these LiftMaster electric motor operators. With motorized operators, options for motorized emergency release and sensing edges open up.