Dynamic Closures Corporation -EZ Series Security Grilles - EZ AG CS

  • Material: 4” wide panel with interlocked alternating polycarbonate panels and solid aluminum panels in a checkerboard design. 6”, 9” 12”, 18” patterns available.
  • Hinge: 1 piece continuous aluminum.

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EZ Series Security Grilles - EZ AG CS

You’ll find the EZ 4-Inch offers a lot of visual appeal and cost saving benefits. It’s perfect for retail spaces, store-within-a-store applications, and offices where a secured area is needed.

Benefits of the EZ Series Line
Elegant, Seamless Look Works with Your Design

With a 6-inch pocket door, the EZ Series sits flush with commercial wall studs to integrate seamlessly with the overall design of your space. There are also a variety of finishes and grille pattern options that harmonize with any visual scheme. Some options allow even airflow that won’t interfere with building HVAC.

Saves Time, Reduces Costs and Eliminates Risks

The EZ-4-Inch comes with its own pocket, so there’s no need to have your contractor build one. This door is also 90% assembled by the experts in our factory, with the curtain already loaded in the correct order in the pocket. This will save you construction cost and mess, shave time from your schedule, and reduce the risks that come with onsite assembly errors.

ADA Compliant Options

Ensure your design is usable for everyone with ADA compliant locks and hardware that can be operated by wheelchair users.

Emergency Egress Doors Available

Easily comply with local fire safety codes with our emergency “door within a door” exits.

Experts Help with Completion of Your Design

The veteran problem solvers in our customer support team can help you understand the options better. They can even create easy CAD elements to ensure your designs are completed more quickly.

  • Material: 4” wide panel with interlocked alternating polycarbonate panels and solid aluminum panels in a checkerboard design. 6”, 9” 12”, 18” patterns available.
  • Hinge: 1 piece continuous aluminum.
  • Pocket Width Opening: 5” minimum.
  • Max Height: 12’
  • Max Width: 43 ft Single Stack, 86 ft Bi-Parting.
  • Weight/Load: 13.5 lbs per ft² (stacked) and 2.00 lbs per ft² (extended)
  • Stacking: 10% of curtain width plus 3″ per post (estimated calculation)
  • Pocket and aluminum pocket door included.

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Aluminum Pocket Door With Built-In Pocket

The beauty of the EZ series is that it comes in its own 6” wide pocket and aluminum pocket door to save time and effort in installation. The 6” wide pocket fits between commercial-standard wall studs.

As well, the door is pre-assembled and ships in the pocket for the easiest installation of any side folding door.


  • In stock: clear anodized finish and black anodized finish.
  • Available on request: bronze, light bronze, and champagne anodized finishes. (This requires a bit more lead time.)
Easy Change Cylinder Locks

Update these 1” mortise cylinder locks as needed to work with your existing key system, or to deal with employee turnover. SFIC housing and cores are optionally available.

Emergency Egress Door

Easily meet fire code requirements (including ADA rules for wheelchair users) with our “door within a door” fire exit design. Available on request.

Materials Options

We have models available made of polycarbonate panels, perforated aluminum, aluminum rod and link, and solid aluminum.

New 2017 – Optional Maglock

Make keys a thing of the past and easily unlock your door using card readers and keypads. Wall channel posts and Lead posts are now available with Maglock, the electromagnetic lock capable of withstanding 850 lbs of force. Connects to a 12/24 VDC power supply from your existing alarm system.

Quick Turnaround on Custom Curves

We can create almost any custom curve in-house thanks to our own bending and heat treating equipment, which means you get the fastest turnaround time possible. We are the industry leader in both quality and delivery time.

In-stock curves available:

  • 90 Degree 22″, 14″, and 10″ radius
  • 120, 135, 150 Degree 10″ Radius
Single-Piece Hinged Construction

The 1-piece continuous hinge mated with our interlocking panel is a patented design. This hinge stays cleaner during the lifetime of the door – avoid ugly “black soot” commonly found in piano hinges.

Sorry, this feature is not available with the EZ Grille model.


  • Dust-proof floor sockets. A spring-loaded cover prevents dirt from accumulating in the socket when the door is not in use.
  • Food safe sockets for counter-height doors. Due to health code requirements, bottom sockets for counter-height security grilles must be food safe. They are constructed of stainless steel and have no bottom, so that food crumbs can drop down to a waste bin below the counter.
Variety of Easy to Use Locking Posts

Our versatile collection of locking posts contains something for every situation and every user:

  • All posts can be inverted to accommodate left-handed and right handed users.
  • Handle extends the entire height of the door so that people of all heights, including wheelchair users, can grab and move the door at a height that makes sense.
  • Flush-mounted hardware creates a seamless look and prevents snagging.
  • Incredibly strong and easy to service thanks to unique shape.