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Big R prefabricated steel cattle guards are designed to meet BLM or USFS specifications and are ideal for standard highway use and also meet off-road or haul-road requirements.

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Big R Cattle Guards

Big R prefabricated steel cattle guards are designed to meet BLM or USFS specifications and are ideal for standard highway use and also meet off-road or haul-road requirements.

Big R cattle guards are fabricated to a variety of specifications, including those issued by state and federal agencies. We roll form our trademark rail sections using Grade 50 steel. The rail is welded to stringers (usually an 8” wide flange) and the finished cattle guards are cleaned and painted to the customer specifications. Big R Bridge also furnishes wing sections and precast concrete bases for cattle guards.

Features and Benefits
  • HS-20 loading
  • Versatile, cost-effective
  • Designed to meet BLM or USFS specifications
  • Ultra strong Grade 50 steel construction
  • Sizes from 8′ to 20′
  • Pre-painted for convenience
  • May be installed end-to-end for any road width
  • U-80 loading
  • Three rail cleanout section
  • Precast concrete or timber bases
  • Cattle Guard kits are available

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Other Animal Guards

Animal Guards are used to keep animals in or out of a fenced in area, allowing safe passage of vehicle traffic without having to get in and out of a vehicle to open and close a gate.While animal guards were first created to keep domestic animal inside of corrals and pastures, they are now frequently used to keep wildlife off roadways.Another common use keep animals, domestic or wild, from destroying landscaped areas.The animal guards must be selected based off the jumping distance of the animal you are tying to deter.Animal Guards vary from 3’ in the driving distance to 20’ in the driving distance.Road width is made up from one or more panels to meet project specific requirements. Animal Specific Guards include desert tortoise, peccary (javelina), wild pig, sheep, wild horse, small deer, large deer, and bison.We have even matched our grids to the jumping ability of exotic animals in high fence ranches and zoos.

Cattle Guards

We offer the most complete assortment of federal agency Cattle Guards.We offer the USFS, BLM, FHWA, NRCS, USFWS, and USACE cattle guard systems.Cattle Guards, often called auto gates, are 7.5’ -8’ in the driving distance, based off how far a typical cow can jump.There are many state and county cattle guards specifications throughout the nation that we do not make, but we are happy to be a resource to help get the guard you need. We have the sophisticated paint endorsements, certified bridge welders, and the AISC certified plants to match even the most technical specifications.

Creek Guards

Big R Creek Guards provide economical and functional crossings for small creeks, canals, and ditches, often without interfering in the waterway. With spans from 8’-20’, our creek guards are pre-engineered and load rated, saving you time and engineering costs. Our streamlined processes decrease lead time and increase overall savings, be it for maintenance vehicle access to a trail system or an estate entrance. Creek guards provide safe, reliable, and durable solutions to get you to the other side. The modular system of both the grid panels and precast concrete bases can be built out in two foot increments to any width. Accessories like side rails and expanded metal walkways can customize the functionality and comfort. It is recommended you talk to a geotechnical engineer to analyses your specific site conditions and validate our system for your specific use.

Inlet Guards

Our drainage Inlet Guards handle vehicle loads far beyond a traffic rated grate. The rail spacing allows passage of much larger items than a typical grate. Our Capabilities include vehicles parking directly on our Inlet and dumping the contents over the grate. Other uses include visual inspection windows on extended box culvert applications and as flood control inlets allowing a traversable overflow to direct stormwater into your desired containment or waterway.

Temporary Mud Guards

Vehicle Tracking Pads, as part of a Controlled Construction Entrances, are now standard as part of Sediment Control and Silt Management Planning on construction sites throughout the country. While each agency may have slight variation, most require 4” - 6” rocks at the entrance to knock off the large chunks of mud from the tires of exiting vehicles. Our temporary Mud Guards are 8’ in the driving distance and two or three panels are placed end to end. By incorporating our Mud Guards in the tracking pad, the bulk of the mud can be removed before traveling on the rock, avoiding the cost of replacing the rock due to mud filling the voids and making the rock ineffective and out of spec. Contractors deploy them, year after year, as a standard piece of equipment in their fleet.

Permanent Mud Guards

Permanent Mud Guards are set on concrete base supports, creating a pit beneath the grid allowing for collection or flow-through of debris. Some applications require containment directly under the grid, while others will direct the drainage to a settling location. With spans up to 20’ in the driving distance, our Mud Guards accommodate a complete tire rotation of most equipment with only one set of bases for end support. One application is parking on grids, dumping contents into the grid to remove large debris, then washing the vehicle while parked on grid.