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CertainTeed Flintglas® MS Cap Sheet is a roofing product designed for use as a cap sheet over inorganic and organic built-up roofing systems.

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Flintglas® MS Cap

CertainTeed Flintglas® MS Cap Sheet is a roofing product designed for use as a cap sheet over inorganic and organic built-up roofing systems. It may also be used as a heavy-duty, venting type base sheet when installed mineral side down and either mechanically fastened or spot mopped over lightweight insulating concrete decks or existing smooth surfaced membranes.

It is surfaced with ceramic granules to provide a durable, heat reflective weathering surface when used as a cap sheet.

Flintglas MS Cap White meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR® requirements for slopes greater than 2"/12" and can be installed to meet the requirements established by California Title 24.

Technical Information

CertainTeed Flintglas MS Cap Sheet is manufactured on a durable, high quality fiber glass mat which receives a heavy coating of weathering grade asphalt and is surfaced with ceramic granules. The fiber glass base mat provides excellent strength and moisture resistance in conjunction with a reflective, durable granule surface.

  • Support Mat: Wet process fiber glass mat
  • Surfacing: Ceramic granules
  • Weight: 77 lbs. per roll
  • Dimensions: 39-3/8" x 32' 10" (108 sq. ft.)
  • Coverage: One square
  • Thickness: 3.0mm (120 mils)
  • ASTM D3909
  • UL Type G3

CertainTeed Flintglas® MS Cap Sheet may be applied in either hot asphalt or approved cold adhesive such as CertainTeed's FlintBond®. Rolls should be stored upright, off the ground, and completely protected from the weather. Roof decks shall be structurally sound, dry, smooth and meet or exceed minimum requirements of the deck manufacturer, local code and CertainTeed. Roof decks shall provide positive drainage.

Warranty Details

CertainTeed backs its commercial roofing systems with the confidence of three warranty choices:

Limited Product Warranty

NDL Roof Membrane Limited Warranty

Full System NDL Limited Warranty

Owners and specifiers who choose the NDL or Full System NDL warranty options have the added security of manufacturer involvement in the sometimes difficult process of contractor qualifying and workmanship inspection. Consult with the roofing contractor and your CertainTeed commercial roofing territory manager to decide which CertainTeed warranty is best for your building or project.

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