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Commercial Overhead Sectional Doors offer welded construction of rails and stiles, a unique feature to Best Roll-Up Door, Inc.

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Commercial Overhead Sectional Door

Commercial Overhead Sectional Doors offer welded construction of rails and stiles, a unique feature to Best Roll-Up Door, Inc. Look to us if you need a roll up glass door, aluminium garage door, fiberglass door, sectional overhead door, vinyl garage door, or anything else to meet your needs perfectly.

This large variety of designs and sizes makes possible the fulfillment of any garage door requirement. Since the customizing of any job to fit a particular installation is our specialty, we welcome special problems and are at your constant service to provide expert advice in reaching a practical and economical solution.


The aluminum sectional door's natural beauty, maximum freedom from warpage and sagging, natural resistance to corrosion, and lightness-to-strength ratio guarantees a lifetime of good looks and use with little or no maintenance.

Titan Models are built to withstand the daily rigors of the most demanding installations and still perform admirably. These doors, produced from rugged hollow aluminum shapes welded together into frames of exceptional strength and integrity, continue to operate year in and year out under extremely harsh conditions, oblivious to mistreatment and constant performance requirements.

Electra Model was specially designed to produce a door of exceptional beauty, superior strength, maximum visibility and high light transmission. Extra-strong, narrow sight line hollow aluminum extrusions shaped and welded together produce this effect. Only the eyes of the trained professional can detect those details of construction that indicate superior quality. Though the architect's client and the general public may be impressed by appearance, the architect knows that it is the unseen details which will determine the life and degree of satisfaction to be expected. These considerations are our major concern.


Steel sectional doors were developed to meet the needs of today's buildings. The rugged, heavy-duty product has steel hardware for smooth operation, is precision engineered to stand up to the rugged demands of industrial use, and has superior lifting ability that exceeds industry specification standards.

Steel Insulated Sectional Door was developed to meet the needs of today's heated buildings. This rugged, heavy-duty product has an R-value of 14.5. 40 years of technology backs our Insulator. High-speed production ensures fast delivery times for new projects or replacements parts.

Ribbed Steel Sectional Doors are quality full gauge construction with galvanized, cold-rolled steel sections help these doors stand up to the rugged demands of industrial use.


Fiberglass Model was developed to provide residential and commercial buildings with the benefits of superior-quality, strong, translucent, lightweight and maintenance-free doors.


Commercial overhead sectional doors can be furnished with a pass door for convenient pedestrian access. The normal width of a pass door is between 2'6" and 3'6" and is usually located on panel in from the extreme right of left of door.

LIMITATION: Pass door are furnished in Electra model doors up to 12'2'' wide only and Titan model doors up to 16'2'' wide.

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