BLUE RIDGE FIBERBOARD -SOUND-ABATE - Acoustical Shielding for Wall Cavity Applications


SOUND-ABATE is a mass loaded, limp vinyl sound damping material designed for commercial, industrial, and residential applications to reduce sound transmission.


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MasterFormat: Acoustic Treatment | Acoustic Insulation | Acoustic Blanket Insulation

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SOUND-ABATE - Acoustical Shielding for Wall Cavity Applications

SOUND-ABATE is a mass loaded, limp vinyl sound damping material designed for commercial, industrial, and residential applications to reduce sound transmission.

SOUND-ABATE is designed for installation behind gypsum drywall, finished surfaces to block and dampen sound transmission through the entire sound frequency spectrum.

Place SOUND-ABATE sheet in position at top of the wall. Align vertical edges over center of studs. Insert staples along top edge of sheet to hold in place. Allow SOUND-ABATE to unroll vertically along the height of the wall. Apply additional staples along vertical edge if desired. For each additional sheet of SOUND-ABATE to be installed, repeat the previous procedure. Note: Ensure vertical seems center over studs. Trim sheet if necessary. Locate any wall outlet penetrations that will require access and cut an X access point for each. Caulk floor, ceiling, and corner joints before installing drywall.

Steel Stud Installation … For installation of SOUND-ABATE Mass Loaded Vinyl sheets over steel studs, follow installation procedures for wood studs and replace staples with self-tapping, flat head metal screws.


  • Dampens sound and blocks noise by up to 75%.
  • Easy to install - reduces labor and production costs.
  • Thin profile saves material and labor with no added extensions or adjustments
  • Improves HVAC efficiency.
  • One layer improves STC rating by 7 in typical wood and steel studded assemblies (16″ o.c., R13 batt insulation, and 5/8″ gypsum drywall)
  • Classified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. as to ANSI/UL 263 Standard, Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials, UL File CLBV.R39387
  • UL Classified in fire resistant wall designs of the U300, U400, and V400 series.

Masterformat Number and Title
09 81 00 - Acoustic Insulation
09 81 13 - Acoustic Board Insulation
13 48 00 - Sound, Vibration, and Seismic Control

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Roll size = 0.10″ x 4′ x 25′ (100 sf) at 100 lbs
Surface weight = 1.0 lb/sf
Material = EVA, Ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer
Contains no PVC
No VOC content, no off-gassing
One hour fire resistance assembly rated per ASTM E 119
Does not support mold growth
Highest Mold Resistance Rating = 10 Per ASTM D3273
STC 26 per ASTM E 90
Class C Flame Spread per ASTM E 84
Flame Spread Index 140 Smoke Developed 250
R Value ≥ 0.3
LEED v3/2009 and LEED v4 Cross Reference Table
LEED v3/2009 New ConstructionLEED v4 Building Design & Construction (LEED BD+C)
MR Credit 2: Construction Waste ManagementMR Credit: Construction and Demolition Waste Management
MR Credit 5: Regional MaterialsMR Credit: Building Product Disclosure and Optimization - Environmental Product Declaration
IEQ Prerequisite 3: Minimum Acoustical Performance (Schools)EQ Prerequisite: Minimum Acoustic Performance (Schools)
IEQ Credit 4.4: Low-Emitting MaterialsEQ Credit: Low-Emitting Materials
IEQ Credit 9: Enhanced Acoustical Performance (Schools)EQ Credit: Acoustic Performance
IEQ Credit 10: Mold Prevention (Schools)EQ Credit: Indoor Environmental Quality, Thermal Comfort
ID Credit 1: Innovation in DesignIN Credit: Innovation