Arcadia, Inc. -CV200 Series (Non-Thermal) Fixed Projecting Windows


Zero Sightline 3 1/4" frame for 1" Glass

Category: curtain wall windows | facade windows | project-out windows...

MasterFormat: Windows | Metal Windows

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CV200 Series (Non-Thermal) Fixed Projecting Windows

Zero Sightline 3 1/4" frame for 1" Glass

Design Features

  • Zero sightlines (No exterior framing sightline buildup)

  • Leed credit opportunities

  • Colornodic Arcadia (9) anodized color system

  • Comprehensive spectrum of paint finishes

  • Optional mechanical consealed fitting for integration in the building management system

Design Applications
  • Insert within storefront, window wall, curtain wall

  • Four-sided structurally glazed with silicone

  • Accomodates 1/4" & 1" glazing

  • Positive cast white bronze locking hardware

  • Stainless steel, four-bar hinges

  • Optional Roto-operator (as shown)

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