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Concrete Coloring Products Gray concrete can be structurally sound but visually unattractive. BRICKFORM offers a wide range of decorative answers that provide a dramatic element for any setting,...

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Concrete Coloring Products

Gray concrete can be structurally sound but visually unattractive. BRICKFORM offers a wide range of decorative answers that provide a dramatic element for any setting, from a patio to a showroom floor.

Concrete Coloring Products

Brickform Antique-It

BRICKFORM Antique-It is a water soluble antiquing agent designed to impart a secondary color or highlight over stamped concrete or textured overlays. Antique-It is easy to apply, dries fast and provides a durable color that closely resembles the look of release powder.

Concrete Coloring Products

Brickform ARTesian Stain

The color effect produced is unique to each stained surface and cannot be duplicated with other materials. ARTesian Stain contains no acids or harmful chemicals and works as an alternative to typical reactive acid stains. There are no acids or harmful chemicals integrated in its design.

  • Zero VOC
  • Water-based
  • Interior/Exterior Use
  • Apply With Sprayer
  • Must Be Sealed With Solvent- Based Sealer

Concrete Coloring Products

Brickform Cem-Coat

BRICKFORM Cem-Coat is a richly pigmented coating, opaque, high-strength, and perfect for coloring any unsealed, concrete surface. BRICKFORM Cem-Coat reduces the effects of fungus and is extremely UV-resistant. BRICKFORM Cem-Coat is available in all 42 standard BRICKFORM Color Hardener and BRICKFORM Antique Release colors. Custom color matching is also available.

Concrete Coloring Products

Brickform Color Hardener

BRICKFORM Color Hardener is manufactured with the finest UV-resistant pigments and premium aggregates. BRICKFORM Color Hardener is designed to work with imprinting tools to produce clear, sharp impressions that enhance the finished appearance of any hardscape. When properly applied and troweled into newly placed, fresh concrete, it forms a colored concrete surface that is resistant to weathering, wear and normal abrasion. Color Hardener HD (Heavy Duty) also available.

  • Non-fading
  • Denser, more durable surface
  • Improves abrasion resistance
  • Can be antiqued and stained
  • 42 standard colors
  • Custom colors available
  • Compatible with Stampable Overlay OL-60

Concrete Coloring Products

Brickform Blush-Tone Acid Stain

BRICKFORM Blush-Tone Acid Stain, Chemical Stain For Concrete, reacts with minerals that exist in newly cured or existing concrete, penetrating the very top layer of the concrete surface with color that will not chip, crack, or peel. The colors produced in each section of concrete will be unique with captivating, multi-colored intensities that become a permanent part of the concrete. BRICKFORM Blush- Tone Acid Stain is available in 10 standard colors

  • Penetrating Chemical Stain
  • Variegated Color
  • Will Not Chip, Crack, Or Peel
  • Use On Floors And Walls

Concrete Coloring Products

Brickform E-Stain

BRICKFORM E-Stains are penetrating, reactive stains that produce unique color effects in finished cementitious surfaces that simulate the natural shadings and aged appearance of stone or masonry. The color effect produced is unique to each stained surface and cannot be duplicated with other materials. BRICKFORM E-Stain creates a chemical reaction within the concrete substrate. This reaction slightly etches the concrete surface to provide deeper and more permanent color. The color value of the stain can be reduced by blending the stain with E-Stain Plus. Special colors can be produced by blending two or more colors together.

  • Eco-Friendly Reactive Stain
  • Acid-Like Characteristics Without the Harmful Acid Effects
  • All Colors (except EBONY) Do Not Contain Sodium Dichromate a Known Carcinogen
  • No Harmful Fumes
  • D.O.T. Non-Hazardous Shipping Certified Stain

Concrete Coloring Products

Brickform FreestylePRO Highlighter

BRICKFORM FreestylePRO Highlighter Stains are designed for use over BRICKFORM FreestylePRO Solid-Color Stain as a contrasting color to create an antiqued look on textured concrete surfaces. BRICKFORM FreestylePRO Highlighter Kits can also be used to add contrast or additional colors to areas of relief on textured concrete or to create the look of faux finishes.

Concrete Coloring Products

Brickform FreestylePRO Stain

BRICKFORM FreestylePRO is a revolutionary concrete stain that penetrates and bonds with concrete surfaces in a way that no other coloring product can. This water-based, opaque stain is excellent for restoring, changing colors on previously colored surfaces, or rejuvenating old, discolored concrete. BRICKFORM FreestylePRO allows you to create totally new color styles for your decorative concrete work in an environmentally sound, versatile and user-friendly way.

Concrete Coloring Products

Brickform Liquid Integral Color

BRICKFORM Liquid Color is made from the finest UV-resistant pigments available. BRICKFORM Liquid Color is produced to a one-percent tolerance to established plant standards and also complies with ASTM C979, Pigments for Integrally Colored Concrete. BRICKFORM Liquid Color is designed to suspend and disperse the iron oxide pigments evenly. BRICKFORM Liquid Color is available in standard and designer colors. Custom colors and color matching are also available.

Concrete Coloring Products

Brickform Powdered Integral Color

BRICKFORM Powdered Color is a powdered-based pigment designed to color the cement paste in a concrete mixture. Powdered Color can be used for cast-in-place, pre-cast, and tilt-up, concrete block, pavers, and textured concrete. BRICKFORM Powdered Color is available in 19 standard colors. BRICKFORM Powdered Color is pre-packaged in a two-part system designed to reduce leaks and spills. *High volume orders may require bulk packaging.

Concrete Coloring Products

Brickform Antique Release

BRICKFORM Antique Release imparts a second color while serving as a bond breaker for stamping. It is made from a finely ground formula that creates beautifully antiqued and textured concrete surfaces. Antique Release is available in 42 standard colors to match or contrast with BRICKFORM Color Hardener. Custom colors and color matching are also available.

  • Richly pigmented colors
  • UV-resistant
  • Use to antique, marbleize, and faux paint
  • Suitable for all cementitious surfaces

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