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Titan Weathered Stone Rectangular Planters are named for their extra-large size, which easily accommodates trees, shrubs, topiaries, and plants of all kinds.

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Titan Weathered Stone Rectangular Planters

Titan Weathered Stone Rectangular Planters are named for their extra-large size, which easily accommodates trees, shrubs, topiaries, and plants of all kinds. Heavy-duty enough to support trees, root systems, and soil, they are made from a mix of fiberglass and concrete, giving them the weathered look of stone but at a lighter weight than concrete and stone planters. Perfect for lining walkways, courtyards, patios, pools, and other spaces both indoors or out, Titan planters are also great for dividing spaces and providing privacy. Their study construct endures any types of climates and conditions, including freeze/thaw and commercial environments that get a large amount of traffic. And with a selection of more than 25 colors and four finishes, you can customize your Titan planter to the look (and size) you need for each of your commercial projects.

  • Material - Weathered Stone
  • Shape - Rectangle
  • Color - Black, Bone White, Chaps Brown, Charcoal Gray, Concrete Gray, Limestone

Alluring Sidewalk Cafe Barriers: Titan Weathered Stone Rectangular Planters

Rectangular outdoor planters like the Titan Weathered Stone Planters provide exceptional beauty along with the functionality they offer. As GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete), their appearance is one of heft, making them an ideal heavy duty planter that deters theft while providing an attractive solution as a barriers. Weighing in at a quarter of the weight of concrete, these extra large garden boxes make stunning containers for either colorful flowers and foliage while serving as "half walls" for outdoor sidewalk cafes. In addition, they make exceptional large planters for trees that line pedestrian walkways, decorate large plazas, or even serve as a unique focal point in an interior courtyard,. This makes them versatile decorative planters for outdoor use.

GFRC: The Material That Lasts

As state of the art lightweight commercial cement planters, the Titan rectangular planter box stands up against both the test of time, as well as being able to endure punishing use in high traffic public spaces. These sturdy GFRC plant pots won't twist, warp, crack, split or rot, making them perfect landscape planters and plants containers for large gardens, parks, or to flank civic buildings. The fiberglass reinforcement guards against wild temperature and moisture fluctuations, providing a durability not available in concrete alone. Plus, because of their lighter weight, they are easier to move from one place to another when design plans change. Add feet or casters and they become even more portable. Plus, their usefulness as public barricades keeps pedestrians safe from bicycle and vehicular traffic.

Going Green With Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

GFRC is made with recycled glass fibers and other recycled materials, making them a smart eco-conscious choice for savvy architects, designers, property managers, contractors and estate home owners. Added to this 'green' factor is the fact that, because they last so long, you won't have to replace them as often, reducing landfill litter. Available in standard size ranges beginning at 18" x 42" up to 36" x 72", they can be custom sized as well. They can be ordered with or without drainage holes, and come in six standard colors, although we can custom color to your exact specifications. Give us a call to discuss your next design project.

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