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Rely on raw beauty with Red Cedar Wood Planters. Drawing on classic elements of design, the Tamland Commercial Square Planters turn out a brilliant visual performance.

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Tamland Cedar Square Planters

Rely on raw beauty with Red Cedar Wood Planters. Drawing on classic elements of design, the Tamland Commercial Square Planters turn out a brilliant visual performance. And, each large planter pots like a gardener's dream to provide the most stunning of canvases for bright green and floral arrangements.

As a naturally robust material, Western Red Cedar makes a superior large planter that pots with inherent fade, rot and insect resistance. Commercial square planters arrive in the unpainted wood grain that takes on a golden, reddish-brown hue with excellent tonal dimension. Over time, untreated cedar wood planters will weather to a sleek grey color that continues to age with each season. At every stage, bright purples, pinks, yellows and greens stand out against the container's luxurious texture.

In addition to standard products online, the Tamland Planters are offered with a range of custom options and upgrades including size, finish and matching fiberglass liners. Please call toll free for customs.

  • Length - 18"
  • Height - 18"
  • Width - 18"
  • Material - Cedar, Wood
  • Shape - Square

Keep commercial gardening classic with the Tamland Cedar Wood Planters. This large planter made of Western Red Cedar rivals any heavy duty pots available on the market. Spacious construction, latent resilience outdoors, and traditional design details all make this a notable garden container for commercial and residential applications alike.

As commercial square planters, the Tamland derives its strength from the inherent qualities of the wood. Western Red Cedar hails from forests stretching from California to Alaska, and is known for its towering heights and long lifespan. Its natural robustness also makes the wood prevalent in outdoor products of all types, from large planters and pots like these, to decking and shingles.

Whether used in residential or commercial design, this square planter brings a special quality to container gardening. The wood grain features great tonal variety, combining notes of amber, brown, orange and red. And even for all its strength, red cedar lumber has a soothing, soft texture that makes it easy to work with. The weight of containers is also impressively light for easier shipping, maintenance and off-season storage.

The selection of large planter pots online at Planters Unlimited can be used on all types of properties, from the grounds of a museum to private homes and estates. With a material as universally appealing as Western Red Cedar, this outdoor planter enjoys maximum versatility in design. And the addition of a stain color or paint can further alter the look to meet a project aesthetic.

Each cedar wood planter featured above is sold in its natural grain without an added seal, stain or paint. End users can easily apply desired treatments, or call to work with one of our project managers on custom colors and finishing. The Tamland is also available in custom sizes and can be upgraded to include a fiberglass planter liner.

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