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Add a garden classic with the Tamland Cedar Planter Boxes. Hardy and available in sizes ranging from medium to large, wooden planters are constructed out of elegant Western Red Cedar.

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Tamland Cedar Rectangular Planters

Add a garden classic with the Tamland Cedar Planter Boxes. Hardy and available in sizes ranging from medium to large, wooden planters are constructed out of elegant Western Red Cedar. The material is inherently rot, insect and fade resistant, making for commercial rectangular planters that stand the test of time. Not to mention their timeless style is a winner in any landscape.

Large wooden planters take on the lovely characteristics of Red Cedar's grain, present in each vertical slat and molded edge. A strong footing makes this design an adept commercial rectangular planter, able to handle heavy loads including small trees. Sizes sold online are priced for containers in their natural finish and can be planted directly without a liner. For best results, upgrade cedar planter boxes to include custom finishing and a matching fiberglass liner to add moisture protection.

Order Tamland Cedar Planters online in standard sizes and a natural wood finish, or call toll free for custom sizes, finishing and accessories.

  • Length - 36"
  • Height - 24"
  • Width - 24"
  • Material - Cedar, Wood
  • Shape - Rectangle

Display grand garden arrangements with large wooden planters. The Tamland is a spacious commercial rectangular planter that combines timeless design and lasting durability. Western Red Cedar is the material behind the majestic look and it proves a lovely ally in creating smart, beautiful exteriors.

Cedar planter boxes are packed with perks both functional and aesthetic. For starters, the wood is commercial-grade, outdoor-rated and inherently safeguarded against moisture rot, insects and fading. Western Red Cedar is widely used in exterior applications including decks, fences, siding and shingles, so it comes as no surprise that the material excels as a roomy garden container.

As for design, commercial rectangular planters are constructed in a classic silhouette with all the desirable details. Fully framed slatted boards run lengthwise on each side of the container, giving great expression to the smooth, even grain of the wood. For a strong finish, both the opening and base of planters feature wood molding. This gives containers a strong look in addition to a robust footing and top ledge for heavy duty applications.

When properly finished and cared for, red cedar planter boxes can last many a season. In fact, it's not uncommon to have large wooden planters in use for more than a decade at a time. The Tamland is sold online in standard sizes and its natural wood grain finish. However, through our custom order options, customers have the choice of making special size and finishing requests to satisfy any project parameter. Adding a stain, paint or weather seal is also an easy DIY project if desired by the end user.

Western Red Cedar Planters can be potted directly upon arrival and also work well as a holder for pots. For an extra safeguard against moisture, we recommend one of our custom fiberglass liners for direct planting applications. Although not required, this measure will undoubtedly maximize product life.

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