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You really can't go wrong with large cast stone planters, and our beautifully fashioned Pompeii square stone planter is a prime example.

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Pompeii Square Cast Stone Planters

You really can't go wrong with large cast stone planters, and our beautifully fashioned Pompeii square stone planter is a prime example. It looks and feels exactly like real stone, invoking the feeling of old fashioned pottery and conjuring images of artisans painstakingly crafting at the potter's wheel. Although the methods of production are highly sophisticated, these garden pots are still made by hand, by real tradesmen. Yet, they combine the versatility and weather resistance of fiberglass with the strength and modernism of cement. It's truly the best of both worlds.
Our square concrete planters accommodate a wide range of plant life, whether faux or live. Various other shapes are also available upon request, however. And you'll even find numerous additional ways to alter and personalize the look of our commercial planters. For instance, we offer an array of colors, numerous sizes, and the option to add your own embellishments, logo or lettering. Every item can become your own one of a kind work of art.
Drainage holes are included, but options without them are available if requested. Add the optional water reservoir to water plants and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Length - 20"
  • Height - 18"
  • Width - 20"
  • Material - Cast Stone
  • Shape - Square
  • Color - Black, Bone White, Chaps Brown, Charcoal Gray, Concrete Gray, Limestone

Relic-Like Pompeii Square Cast Stone Planters

Our Pompeii Square Stone Planters showcase handsome styling with their signature rolled lip and compact appearance. But this is just the beginning. The attractive lip that edges the planter's upper rim is gently repeated with a smaller one just beneath it. This feature establishes a design scheme reminiscent of old world art and antiquities. With its subtle mottled texture the Pompeii looks as if it was recently unearthed from an archaeological excavation site. Yet these features convey some modern styling as well. Their combination of aged artistry is accented with contemporary diminutive feet. Planters Unlimited designers present Pompeii cement planters in a square motif to ultimately convey the best of both design worlds.

Pompeii Commercial Planters Material Benefits

Pompeii commercial planters offer untold benefits to any environment. These attractive garden pots are made with the best in modern materials too. They are crafted with Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) or Fiberstone. This creates both durability as well as longevity. The mixture of concrete and glass fiber reinforces the medium so that it won't crack or crumble like concrete alone can during freeze-thaw cycles. This allows the Pompeii to endure longer without wear and tear. GFRC weighs far less than concrete alone can. They may look heavy yet are only a quarter of concrete's weight. This makes the Pompeii more portable. They are easier to move from one location to another - from the ballroom to a building entrance. This makes Pompeii very versatile when redesigning individual rooms or patio areas of your business. Fiberstone planters are used in lieu of GFRC when your space demands extra strength and even light weight properties.

Versatile Garden Pots: Customization Options

The Pompeii square stone planters are available in over a half dozen standard sizes. We also offer them in six different colors as well. Should your design plans call for smaller or larger size garden pots we can manufacture to whatever height or depth for your project. Color options also abound if you need to match a particular color scheme or accent. These lovely outdoor planters are designed for outdoor use in mind. The Pompeii comes with drainage holes but can be ordered without them for inside use. Add a drip tray to complement both the look and drainage management function too. By adding casters to your Pompeii planters they can moved quickly and easily to further modify your design theme.

Call to explore solutions for your home or business, including additions like locking casters, custom drainage placement, self-watering system design and more!

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