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There is a reason discerning home and business owners trust our outdoor artificial horsetail reeds over the competition.

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Outdoor Artificial Horsetail Groves in Modern Planters

There is a reason discerning home and business owners trust our outdoor artificial horsetail reeds over the competition. They're made from exterior rated poly plastics, which is highly durable and resistant to weather damage such as fading, in addition to looking extremely realistic. We've even improved our design, for a more authentic look. You'll be the only one who knows they aren't the real thing, but you'll still enjoy all the design perks of puzzlegrass plants, while also taking advantage of the fact that you won't have to deal with constant watering and pruning. You also won't have to worry about weather conditions or choosing plants appropriate for your climate. Outdoor artificial plants and reeds conserve water and improve aesthetics when used at restaurants, hotel and resort properties, and shopping malls.

Horsetail reeds in planters come in a wide range of sizes and densities, fitting any space. Use them as faux privacy plants to partition off outdoor dining or conversational areas in need of a bit more intimacy. Block unsightly views by placing these fiberglass balcony planters at the rail's edge, filled with a 6-foot tall, ultra-dense horsetail grove.

  • Length - 8'
  • Height - 2', 3', 4', 5', 6'
  • Width - 12"
  • In Planter - Yes
  • Application - Privacy Screen
  • Color - Green
  • Product Type - Bamboo Grove
  • Species - Horsetail

Artificial Horsetail Reeds - a Smart Solution for Commercial Design

Similar to bamboo plants, live horsetail (AKA Equisetum) plants are extremely invasive and nearly impossible to eradicate. While the clean lines and knobby notches on this plant are an attractive design element, the roots from this plant can take over acres of property and choke out other landscaping. With our UV protected Outdoor Artificial Horsetail Groves in Modern Planters, you will never have to water, trim or try to wrangle with nature. They always look their best, and are of commercial quality, reinforced with steel. UV resistent additives prevent fading and cracking, even when used outside year-round.

Use horsetail groves as:

  • As faux privacy plants for full or partial privacy screening (3 density levels available)
  • To delineate large outdoor spaces
  • As decorative accent pieces
  • To direct foot traffic in public spaces or events
  • Sidewalk café barriers
  • Space dividers for special events and galas

Handcrafted Planters and Artificial Plants

Our artisans handcraft each individual reed and securely mount them in large decorative planters. The Modern Fiberglass Planter boasts clean lines and is available in dozens of sizes online, as well as any custom dimensions your project demands. Fiberglass planters are lightweight and extremely durable, and the customization possibilities are endless.

Consider planter accessories/modifications like:

  • Locking casters
  • Textured finishes
  • Real metal coatings like aluminum, copper, bronze or rusted corten steel
  • Company logo or branding
  • LED illumination

Place along entryways and patios for a pop of green wherever it's needed. The Modern rectangular planter is simple enough to allow the plants to take the stage, while also coming in a vast number of colors to reflect your personal style. This outdoor artificial horsetail planter is ideal for residential and commercial buyers alike.

Work with Us Directly on Your Project

We can add any artificial plants to any of our residential or commercial planter collections, and all items can be customized for your unique applications. Aside from height and size options, reeds come in varied densities. If you don't see what you want here, give us a call and we'll help you find just the right option. Artificial Plants Unlimited adheres to a higher level of authenticity. We hand-arrange all of our horsetail faux privacy plants using durable foam and a soil covering, and all are ready for immediate use upon delivery, no assembly required!

Call toll-free or email a project manager today to find the perfect solution for your space.

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