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The ultimate in low round bowl planters, the Nepal Weathered Stone Low Bowl is exotic indeed. And it's not just for stunning commercial floral displays as a stone planter alone.

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Nepal Weathered Stone Low Bowl Planters

The ultimate in low round bowl planters, the Nepal Weathered Stone Low Bowl is exotic indeed. And it's not just for stunning commercial floral displays as a stone planter alone. The Nepal series also functions exceedingly well when used as a smart substitute for precast cement fire bowls, bringing a bit of the high Asian plains into a wide variety of environments. When shopping commercial landscape supply, just imagine setting large concrete bowl planters filled with vibrant floral displays that flank the elegant entrance to an upscale hotel, the center courtyard of a shopping mall, a civic center, and other upscale commercial properties.

Low round bowl planters are the ultimate in modern outdoor decor, with a wide mouth that holds lots of blooms and blossoms. What's more, since they are manufactured using Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete or GFRC, they are far stronger than concrete or stone yet at one quarter of the weight. Mimicking stone, they even have natural pitting yet won't crack, chip, warp, or rot. Classic, sturdy, heavy-duty, sporting clean lines, the low bowl planters provide exceptional aesthetics for any environment. We carry a full color line and can make custom colors and sizes to match any exterior decor. Add rolling casters for easy movability or request custom logos or branding be etched in planter walls.

  • Material - Weathered Stone
  • Shape - Low Bowl
  • Color - Black, Bone White, Chaps Brown, Charcoal Gray, Concrete Gray, Limestone

A Touch of the Exotic in Low Round Bowl Planters

With the Nepal Weathered Stone Low Bowl Planters, add the touch of the orient to any location. Perfect for commercial heavy duty applications, large concrete bowl planters provide stunning allure, in part by their styling and in part by their size, in equal measure. Low round bowl planters provide the perfect containers for gardening as well. Fill them to serve as a fragrant herb garden for rosemary, mint, and thyme. Or combine all three in one overlarge bowl. As modern outdoor planters, they can even be used as precast cement fire bowls. Fill with rocks, add piped natural gas and an electric starter and enjoy the night.

Modern GFRC: The Unmatched Material

When in the market for a stone planter at commercial landscape supply, the dramatic Nepal Weathered Stone Low Bowl Planters provide plenty of beauty when incorporated in outdoor designs for the hospitality industry. Specifically, hotels, upscale resorts, even elegant commercial business buildings offer exceptional environments in which to showcase these gorgeous low round bowl planters. What's more, their natural pitting mimics actual large concrete planters--a design element that adds not only the look of heft but also acts as a theft deterrent, appearing to look heavier than they are although in actuality, they weigh a quarter of concrete or cement.

The Magic of GFRC Properties
Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete offers profound benefits when considering any planter and this is exceptionally true for large concrete bowl planters. GFRC is ideal for heavy duty applications often required in commercial outdoor settings. They can serve as beautiful security barricades in front of city hall and civic buildings, line pedestrian malls, and more. Because of their light weight, GFRC planters are easier to move than stone, cement, or solid concrete planters. They are even more portable when adding casters. Plus, GFRC low bowl planters have the added advantage of being made from recycled glass and other materials, making them an ecologically sound investment, reducing the carbon footprint compared to other materials. Add the customization flexibility with colors and textures that can be adapted to your planters, GFRC round low bowl planters, provide lots of flexibility to design the Nepal low bowl that fits your exterior design needs.

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