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For a lasting impression, add square cast stone planters to your outdoor or even indoor environment. They make wonderful additions to entryways, as well as to any number of outdoor landscaping displays.

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Lyon Square Cast Stone Planters

For a lasting impression, add square cast stone planters to your outdoor or even indoor environment. They make wonderful additions to entryways, as well as to any number of outdoor landscaping displays. Line them along roadways and garden paths for a "put together" appearance that instantly completes a landscaping design. Or, use them to line storefronts for a beautiful display that greets guests. You can even use them for larger plants and shrubs or trees to create a living partition to divide outdoor spaces for varied private areas for guests and customers.
Unlike square outdoor planters you've seen before, this cement composite planter blends glass fibers with the strength of concrete to create a unique and durable material called GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement). What that means is you get the benefits of both - the strength and beauty of stone, combined with the lighter weight and weather resistance of fiberglass. This is combined with a woven texture on the exterior and a spacious internal planting area, both of which have been handcrafted and artfully molded by local artisans, to provide the perfect combination of rugged yet attractive design.

  • Length - 30"
  • Height - 24"
  • Width - 30"
  • Material - Cast Stone
  • Shape - Rectangle
  • Color - Black, Bone White, Chaps Brown, Charcoal Gray, Concrete Gray, Limestone

Attractive Lyon Square Cast Stone Planters

The attractive Lyon Square Cast Stone Planters provide plenty of beauty no matter where they are set on your property. Designed for the outdoors, they come with drainage holes to ensure plants avoid saturated roots or root rot. They can be ordered without drainage holes, however, for indoor use. Combine both outdoor and indoor designs with these stunning French basket weave style large planters. Flank entryways, reception areas and inner courtyards for an elegant design theme, one that is coordinated inside and out.

Square Outdoor Planters for Added Flair

Unlike any other cement planter you've seen, these square outdoor planters in the Lyon styling are crafted with impeccable detail. In addition to the intricate basket weave, our designers have included a rolled lip to border the top of the planter with a corresponding rolled lip near the base of the stone plant box. This creates a symmetry that demonstrates balance as well as drawing the eye to the entire planter. Its ample interior can be filled with a large array of flowers, grasses or shrubs. Or, if preferred, populate with succulents, live or artificial. The advantage of faux foliage is that it is a very economical and an eco-friendly alternative in drought stricken areas of the country. Add horsetail reeds or other fake foliage to delineate space or serve as subtle barriers for outdoor cafes or around pool areas.

Advantages of GFRC - Cast Stone Planters

With Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete in a planter you get the best of both worlds: durability and lightweight. Weighing a quarter of actual concrete, GFRC planters are easier to transport, making them more transferrable from one location to another on your property. At the same time you save on tonnage, these GFRC or cast stone planters are weather resistant and durable. Enduring temperature extremes easily, the Lyon cast stone planters won't crack or chip like concrete can. This insures years of use looking as attractive and fresh as the first day they were installed. Finally, their glass fiber and concrete mix provides greater flexibility, paving the way for infinite customization possibilities.

GFRC not enough? We recommend choosing the Fiberstone material option prior to checkout for planters that weigh less than GFRC and are even more durable. Great for busy areas in shopping malls, theme parks, casinos and hotels.

Available in 2 standard sizes, we can craft to whatever size your plans require. To discuss your next project, just give us a call. Our design experts love special projects.

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