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Adding the perfect finishing touch to retail spaces, hotels, and other public venues is easy with our Lynx Square Landscaping Planters.

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Lynx Square Cast Stone Planters

Adding the perfect finishing touch to retail spaces, hotels, and other public venues is easy with our Lynx Square Landscaping Planters. Whether used on either side of a door or entry, or lined along the edge of a patio or gardening space, they'll provide an endless array of planting options for your favorite blooms and greenery. A favorite of designers and homeowners alike, these commercial planters for outdoor use are spacious enough to house varied and diverse plant life, so whatever arrangements you have in mind, you can achieve. Just add soil and seedlings - or, consider adding our UV protected artificial plants for a maintenance-free container garden. Holes for drainage are already provided to encourage healthier roots and prevent over watering. When used indoors, we can manufacture drip trays to keep spills and leaks at bay.

One touch suggests that these planter boxes are made from solid stone, but they are actually GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement). The blend of fiberglass reinforcements not only reduces weight by up to 75%, but also provides added resistance to cracking and similar damage common among other materials, such as solid stone or cement. Choose from six beautiful finishes that complement both interior and exterior decor.

  • Length - 30"
  • Height - 24"
  • Width - 30"
  • Material - Cast Stone
  • Shape - Square
  • Color - Black, Bone White, Chaps Brown, Charcoal Gray, Concrete Gray, Limestone

If you have been looking for elegant commercial planters for outdoor use, the Lynx Square Landscaping Planters made from durable Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) or Fiberstone deliver exceptional quality and are stunning too. Made using the most up-to-date manufacturing practices and materials, these artistic and beautiful plant containers are ideal for the hospitality industry, to line pedestrian mall walkways in commercial districts, or placed in front of city hall. Their landscaping use is endless. The Lynx commercial outdoor planters provide unparalleled rugged elegance and durability in part from the heft of their cast stone appearance. Yet, they also are lightweight due to their GFRC construction. Even lighter weight and more durable, fiberstone uniquely suits high traffic, public spaces.

What is GFRC Composite and It's Benefits?

GFRC is a mixture of high quality concrete, resins and glass fibers that reinforce the concrete mix to a malleable but tough hybrid material. Not only do the glass fibers and resins reinforce the concrete, they actually reduce the weight while providing a longer lasting planter that won't crack, chip or crumble. What's more, they endure freeze - thaw cycles without compromising the planter's integrity, ensuring they last season after season in all kinds of climates. The weight reduction is significant in that each planter is 75 percent lighter than concrete alone. Besides GFRC planters, you can also upgrade to fiberstone which is lighter still by a third of planters made with GFRC. Both material mediums facilitate planters being moved from one location to another. Add saucers and casters and the Lynx becomes even easier to move when arranging event spaces for weddings, conferences, and the like.

Sizes, Colors, Textures

The square Lynx cast stone planter is ideal for planting small trees and shrubs, all manner of trailing vines, and robust and vivid flower arrangements. This planter is available in two sizes, 30 by 30 by 24 inches and 35 by 35 by 27 inches, and comes in six different color options, and a smooth or sand finish. But the Lynx can also be custom ordered for size and hue to meet any specific design scheme you may have. For additional information or to discuss your next project, please call 888-320-0626 to speak with a design specialist today.

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