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Welcome guests to your establishment the easy, and stylish, way with large hotel planters made by Planters Unlimited. Nothing adds a homey feel to a setting like greenery placed throughout a space.

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Lynx Round Cast Stone Planters

Welcome guests to your establishment the easy, and stylish, way with large hotel planters made by Planters Unlimited. Nothing adds a homey feel to a setting like greenery placed throughout a space. And our planters are the perfect size to accommodate even the grandest and most luxurious of locations, although they also add a charming touch to the more subdued ones. Six color selections ensure you find the tone needed for the aesthetics you're aiming to achieve, while the spacious interior of every container provides ample space for large shrubs, small trees, and elaborate floral arrangements.

They make a wonderful addition to doorways, halls, lobbies, or used in gardens and on the patio. Order Cast Stone Planters online or call to request planters without drainage, to add casters or to add company logos, lettering or business branding.

One of the hallmark features of the Lynx commercial planter pots, however, is the materials used. Our planters are crafted in North America and offer an authentic stone-like appearance. But unlike conventional stone planters, these offer a rugged fiberglass reinforcement that cuts down on weight while amping up the stability and strength for a crack resistant construction. Suited for areas with a wide range of temperature fluctuations, the Lynx's beauty endures and outlasts conventional concrete, cement and stone planters.

  • Diameter - 18.5"
  • Material - Cast Stone
  • Shape - Round
  • Color - Black, Bone White, Chaps Brown, Charcoal Gray, Concrete Gray, Limestone

Impressive Lynx Round Cast Stone Planters

The Lynx Round Cast Stone Planters provide all the impressive aesthetics for all manner of upscale exterior locations be they commercial or residential. Whether using as large hotel planters for trees, setting a vivid array of colorful flowers as a focal point to draw the eye, or decorating seating areas with small shrubs, Lynx commercial planter pots offer stunning beauty. Made from durable GFRC or Fiberstone, the Lynx easily graces entryways to city hall, theaters, or other event spaces as well. While the Lynx never needs to outshine the foliage that it contains, they make the perfect complement to either live or artificial plant life. With a wide variety of sizes available, we can also manufacture custom sizes too, accommodating any space you need to decorate.

Cast Stone Pots Ideal for Restaurant and Hotel Design

With their stone appearance, Lynx precast concrete planters are greater than the sum of their parts. Made with a durable mixture of concrete and glass fibers, these GFRC vessels provide allure and longevity suitable for restaurant and hotel design. Built to last season after season in all kinds of climates, they won't crack, chip or crumble like concrete alone can. What's more, the Lynx weighs far less at 25% of concrete's weight. This makes them easier to move about as design needs change over the years. (They are also available in Fiberstone, a more durable and lighter weight than GFRC.) When used as oversized and large flower pots, rugged durability combined with reduced weight is paramount.

Standard Cast Stone Sizes Plus Custom Options

The Lynx round cast stone planters are available in several sizes beginning at 18.5 inch diameters by 13 inch heights on up to 42 by 32 inches. They come in six standard colors as well but also can be custom tinted to match whatever your design plans call for. From a textural sand finish to a smooth-as-silk surface, the Lynx can be further customized to suit your needs. Add casters for easy maneuverability, a saucer to capture drainage from pre-drilled drainage holes. You can also include a self-watering reservoir to keep plants hydrated and healthy, reducing water consumption and staff watering time in the process. For additional information or to discuss custom orders, please call 888-320-0626 to speak with a design specialist today.

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