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Our lovely Lily Round Fiberglass Outdoor Planters are huge on shapely yet graceful allure.

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Lily Round Fiberglass Planters

Our lovely Lily Round Fiberglass Outdoor Planters are huge on shapely yet graceful allure. Looking like an unusual combination of a round plant pot and jar planter pots, these elegant tall planters are a designers dream commercial planter, although they can look just at home in a personal residence or estate. Made from marine-grade fiberglass, they are lightweight, durable and fully customizable. Select different heights to create a tiered planter arrangement as a focal point for garden landscaping. They are also ideal as a singular statuesque work of art. Fill with live foliage or artificial plants, either arrangement will be stunning in this elegant planter.

Choose whichever standard color strikes your fancy or suggest colors to match or complement your plan’s specifications. We love custom projects. Each planter comes with drainage holes for interior applications. Alternatively, this planter can be made watertight for an additional fee. And as a fiberglass planter, you can be assured the Lily Round Fiberglass Outdoor Planter will stand the test of time. Lightweight and easy to move from one location to another, they are tough. They won’t rot, warp, chip, or crack, regardless of harsh weather extremes such as freeze-thaw cycles or the blazing sun of summer.

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  • Diameter - 17"
  • Material - Fiberglass
  • Shape - Round
  • Color - Adobe, Beige, Black, Black Fox, Buff, Burgundy, Chaps Brown, Charcoal, Cypress, Dark Chocolate, Dark Gray, Dove, Espresso, Hunter Green, Khaki, Latte, Light Cocoa, Metallic Bronze, Metallic Copper, Metallic Dk. Bronze, Metallic Gray, Metallic Silver, Mocha, Parchment, Pearl, Persimmon, Real Aluminum, Real Brass, Real Bronze, Real Copper, Real Corten Steel, Real Raw Iron, Tan, Terracotta, White

The Luscious Lily Round Fiberglass Outdoor Planter

The Lily Round Fiberglass Outdoor planter is a sight to behold. It has all the curvy allure of a swan's neck along with the rugged toughness of fiberglass. When viewing from one angle it looks to be a round plant pot; from another, it's reminiscent of jar planter pots. As tall planters go, it can appear statuesque as if created by Michelangelo, making it any designer's commercial planter dream. While an individual planter can present untold elegance, these planters lend themselves to designer creativity. For example, they look gorgeous when layered or tiered. When clustered, you can even combine different colored planters to create dimension, with darker planters in back and lighter planters in front.

While the Lily Round was developed for outdoor use, it can also be used indoors, decorating atriums, inner courtyards for commercial buildings, in large hotel ballrooms with skylights, and the like. You can even create a seamless transition entering buildings. Line these elegant tall planters along walkways leading up to an entrance. Then, position several strategically once inside reception areas or foyers. Their stunning allure makes a statement that is both professional and comforting by their shapely attraction.

Luxuriously Tough And Fully Customizable

Manufactured from marine-grade fiberglass, these beautiful commercial planters are enduring and strong even though they are extremely lightweight and easy to move around. Resisting the freeze-thaw cycles, they won't rot, warp, chip, or crack. And they're non-corrosive and rust-resistant. All these qualities combine to make one tough planter that is also low maintenance. Essentially, all that is required to care for them is to occasionally wipe them down or rinse off when dust or dirt accumulates.

Standard sizes range from thirty-two inches to sixty inches tall. Yet, being a fully customizable planter, we can manufacture whatever a Lily Round Fiberglass Planter to your exact size specifications. Since color options are infinite, we can match your color scheme according to your needs too. This planter comes with pre-drilled drainage holes for exterior use. Or, for an additional fee, we can make it watertight for indoor applications. Call today to discover your design possibilities for these elegant and stunning planters.

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