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The Knox Collection is quickly becoming a fiberglass garden planters’ favorite for designers, landscape architects, civic planners and hospitality buyers when looking for sleek designs with tapered styling.

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Knox Tapered Rectangular Fiberglass Planters

The Knox Collection is quickly becoming a fiberglass garden planters’ favorite for designers, landscape architects, civic planners and hospitality buyers when looking for sleek designs with tapered styling. The narrowed base of these outdoor planter beauties serve as an elegant starting point before rising to a wider top, with both showcasing extruded lips to set them off.

Added to their allure is the practicality fiberglass affords. It is lightweight yet formidably strong and lasts season upon season in the harshest climates, be it extreme heat or cold. Their durability is one of the very reasons many designers prefer our marine-grade fiberglass outdoor planters to those constructed of less hardy materials.

Available in a number of sizes and standard colors, our expert staff can customize your designs down to the quarter inch, meeting your exact specifications. If you prefer tall garden pots, we can add height to any base size. And while standard colors include black, white, tan, dove, dark grey, terra cotta, buff, adobe, and burgundy, we can match whatever shade or tint your plan calls for. Planters come with pre-drilled drainage holes, with "no holes" optional. Self-watering reservoirs are available, at additional charge, to keep foliage or flowers hydrated for up to two weeks.

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  • Length - 48"
  • Height - 30"
  • Width - 30"
  • Material - Fiberglass
  • Shape - Rectangle, Tapered
  • Color - Adobe, Beige, Black, Black Fox, Buff, Burgundy, Chaps Brown, Charcoal, Cypress, Dark Chocolate, Dark Gray, Dove, Espresso, Hunter Green, Khaki, Latte, Light Cocoa, Metallic Bronze, Metallic Copper, Metallic Dk. Bronze, Metallic Gray, Metallic Silver, Mocha, Parchment, Pearl, Persimmon, Real Aluminum, Real Brass, Real Bronze, Real Copper, Real Corten Steel, Real Raw Iron, Tan, Terracotta, White

The Tapering Of Things To Come

The tapered rectangle landscape planters in the Knox Collection offer immeasurable beauty and elegance wherever they are showcased. Supported on a narrow base that expands outward, both the bottom and top reveal extruded lips in classic yet decidedly modern fashion. In fact, it is just one of the many sophisticated accoutrements that designers and architects are drawn to when looking for cosmopolitan outdoor planters. Each one nicely accents entryways to commercial buildings, refurbishes city sidewalks and civic buildings, among many other applications and locations these tapered fiberglass planters may be displayed.

The Durability Of Fiberglass

With companies and municipalities cutting budgets, fiberglass planters are the smart and economical alternative to planters made from more expensive materials. One reason is the marine-grade fiberglass we use lasts incredibly long. Our fiberglass planters are able to withstand the weather extremes of blazing sun or freezing gold incredibly well, requiring little to no maintenance for as long as you own them. Plus, whether choosing tall planters or short ones, fiberglass is lightweight and far easier to maneuver and move around than concrete or wooden landscape planters.

The Finish That Makes The Difference

As is true for all our fiberglass planters, Knox tapered rectangle planters can be customized with textured finishes, which can sometimes make the difference. Choose from the smooth sheen of cool dark grey or a subtly textured finish designed to look like sandstone or stucco, with additional options also available. And speaking of color, the tapered design comes in black, white, buff, tan, terra cotta, dove, dark grey, burgundy and adobe. If you have a special color scheme or shade you need, let our expert staff know. We will be happy to work with you to match your project's hues and shades.

Sufficiently Watered Plants Are Happy Plants

Tapered rectangle planters in the Knox Collection can be purchased with or without pre-drilled drainage holes. The pre-drilled option has drainage holes placed in the center of the planter to encourage more rapid clearance, preventing roots from becoming saturated by wicking water away quickly. Also available are self-watering reservoir systems, sold separately. Reservoirs allow water to be drawn up by plant roots for up to two weeks, keeping plants hydrated, robust, and happy.

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