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Even landscape architects, designers and civic planners need a little help from time to time when selecting the right commercial planters for a project. The Knox Fiberglass Planter collection presents a solution and we are here to help.

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Knox Square Fiberglass Planters

Even landscape architects, designers and civic planners need a little help from time to time when selecting the right commercial planters for a project. The Knox Fiberglass Planter collection presents a solution and we are here to help. Sophisticated and urbane, these beautiful square outdoor planters are made using the finest marine-grade fiberglass, requiring little or no upkeep. They are lightweight, rugged, and designed to last for many years. While Planters Unlimited offers a number of standard sizes in our inventory, we also offer infinite customization options as well. In fact, we can make larger or smaller garden pots in the same attractive style down to the quarter inch, whatever your plan requires.

And speaking of style, these square planters provide untold design opportunities with their handsome lines and angles. The extrusions that anchor the bottom are additionally reflected at the top, creating an effective, balanced look for these striking fiberglass planters. Even though adobe, terra cotta, dover dark grey, tan, buff, black and white are the more frequently requested colors, we also offer an infinite number of color choices to meet your design requirements. Finally, if you’d like your corporate logo or other branding messages added to these stunning square planters, just let our design staff know.

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  • Length - 30"
  • Height - 30"
  • Width - 30"
  • Material - Fiberglass
  • Shape - Square
  • Color - Adobe, Beige, Black, Black Fox, Buff, Burgundy, Chaps Brown, Charcoal, Cypress, Dark Chocolate, Dark Gray, Dove, Espresso, Hunter Green, Khaki, Latte, Light Cocoa, Metallic Bronze, Metallic Copper, Metallic Dk. Bronze, Metallic Gray, Metallic Silver, Mocha, Parchment, Pearl, Persimmon, Real Aluminum, Real Brass, Real Bronze, Real Copper, Real Corten Steel, Real Raw Iron, Tan, Terracotta, White

Contemporary and Classic Applications

The contemporary yet classic design of our Knox fiberglass square planters offer untold design possibilities for anyone in the landscape architect, design, civic planning, and hospitality industries. Ideal for use in city beautification projects, to direct foot traffic, line pathways and the like, these good-looking commercial planters can also be used to define outdoor seating areas for restaurants, anchor commercial building entrances, and otherwise enhance any landscape design space large and small.

Customization is as Customization Does

But that’s not all. Some of the most important defining characteristics of fiberglass planters in general are their enormous durability, lightweight, and longevity qualities, outlasting and outperforming many other materials at a fraction of the cost. What’s more, fiberglass lends itself to shape and color modifications if you have special customization requirements. Our expert staff loves special projects and prides itself in meeting unique size challenges, down to the quarter inch. Add your company logo or branding message too. Furthermore, while the standard colors of white, black, terra cotta, adobe, dove, dark grey, buff and tan are most frequently ordered, we offer an infinite number of color choices to meet any specific hue and shade you require - even real metal coatings like copper, bronze and aluminum..

Knox Out the Competition

The sleek lines of the Knox Collection is attention-getting. Made with extruded lips at both top and bottom of these outdoor planters, they command respect for more than their fiberglass advantages. Yes, they’re durable. Yes, they’re lightweight. Yet we offer finishes that make them look like heavier, more costly materials such as concrete, even wood. While the crispness of a smooth finish is standard, you can also order these enticing garden pots to mimic almost any other material such as gently textured sandstone or stucco.

Preserving Plant Life They’re Designed To Protect

Each of these square commercial planters come with your choice of pre-drilled drainage holes conveniently located in the pots’ center to wick water away and prevent root rot. Or, you can order Knox square outdoor planters without the holes, your choice. If eliminating frequent watering time is important, for an additional cost we offer self-watering reservoir systems that keep plants healthy, vibrant, and hydrated for up to two weeks.

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