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If you're looking for something sleek and decidedly but simply modern, then you're sure to be pleased with the Horus Round Concrete Planters. Its graceful teardrop shape is a beautiful complement to all manner of flowers and greenery.

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Horus Round Cast Stone Planters

If you're looking for something sleek and decidedly but simply modern, then you're sure to be pleased with the Horus Round Concrete Planters. Its graceful teardrop shape is a beautiful complement to all manner of flowers and greenery. Plus, it's simple design is ideally suited for contemporary settings, but will still find itself fitting right in when it comes to more traditional to classic designs. It's a fitting choice for retail centers, hotels, casinos, and other luxurious locales. Or, place them along paths or roadways for a little extra flourish where it's needed most.
These cast stone planters combine both glass fiber reinforcement and real concrete (GFRC - Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement), allowing them to hold up against harsh conditions while also decreasing their weight when compared to conventional stone outdoor planters. This not only makes them easier to transport when needed, but also allows them to work well in areas where weight limitations are an issue, such as on patios. Although they're lighter weight than solid stone, they're also bulky enough to deter thieves and vandals, making them perfect for cityscapes and other high traffic areas.

  • Diameter - 26"
  • Material - Cast Stone
  • Shape - Round
  • Color - Black, Bone White, Chaps Brown, Charcoal Gray, Concrete Gray, Limestone

Horus Round Cast Stone and Fiberstone Planters

The Horus Round Cast Stone Planters, our line of commercial GFRC plant containres, offer impeccable styling while being one rugged container in the process. Their curved lines and smooth exterior set the stage for round concrete planters that have sufficiently matured in style and durability yet at a fraction of concrete's weight. Offered in six subtle yet provocative colors, from black to chaps brown to limestone and others, they can be customized to whatever shade and hue your design plans require. Our Horus outdoor planters are available in three standard sizes too, from 28 inches high up to 52 inches high. As with color, if your plans call for smaller or larger sizes, we can custom manufacture to meet your design plan needs.

Modern Planters Are All About Location

Location is the name of the game for planters as much as it is for real estate. In fact, these large modern planters can fit a wide variety of interior and exterior landscapes. The teardrop shape is reminiscent of ancient artifacts, although with their smooth surface and the heft of solid stone, these round cement planter pots take on a contemporary look and feel. As such, the Horus makes a beautiful addition to luxurious resorts, hotels, casinos, and elegant spas. Yet they are also right at home when situated outside city hall, public libraries, and auditoriums showcasing their classic styling. What's more, because these cast stone planters are made with a combination of glass fibers and real concrete, fused as GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete,) they last indefinitely.

Additionally, you can opt for fiberstone planters prior to online checkout using the on-page dropdown menu. It is indistinguishable from GFRC and weighs even less. This glass fiber, polyester resin composite is impact and damage resistant, making it ideal for high traffic public areas and commercial settings.

Benefits of Cast Stone Round Planters

Round planters made from cast stone have several advantages for both commercial and residential applications. First, they are incredibly resilient, possessing enormous strength. In fact, they have a very high strength-to-weight ratio.With glass fibers threaded into the material to strengthen, the Horus Cast Stone Planters weigh 75% less than traditional concrete, yet still outlast. Between their durability and lighter weight, they are easier to transport, easier to move from one place to another yet present with all of the heft of concrete planters. GFRC cast stone planters don't crack or chip easily, are waterproof and can also be made into complex shapes. All of these qualities combined make the Horus Round Cast Stone Planters ideal for commercial environments in all kinds of harsh weather as well.

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