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With a traditional style that instantly beautifies and updates any setting, Greco Pedestal Cast Stone Planters are the cream of the crop when it comes to large urn planters.

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Greco Bowl Cast Stone Planters

With a traditional style that instantly beautifies and updates any setting, Greco Pedestal Cast Stone Planters are the cream of the crop when it comes to large urn planters. They boast a decorative detail with thick lips and a raised base for a truly remarkable look that heralds back to ancient pottery. Concrete bowl planters are constructed by specialists with all the strength and attention to detail you could possibly desire.
Urn and concrete bowl planters are highly suitable for locations such as high class resorts, city streets in need of a gorgeous upgrade, or upscale homes with grand patios and foyers.
These outdoor planters have pre-drilled drainage holes to keep the roots healthy and free from the perils of overwatering. If using your garden planter indoors, order without drainage holes to prevent leaks and spills. An internal watering system can also be added to irrigate healthy plants even when you don't have time for watering them yourself. Add to this numerous color and style options, and you have the best commercial planters for virtually any location.

  • Diameter - 24"
  • Material - Cast Stone
  • Shape - Round
  • Color - Black, Bone White, Chaps Brown, Charcoal Gray, Concrete Gray, Limestone

Lovely Greco Bowl Cast Stone Planters

For the look of the ancients, the lovely Greco Bowl Cast Stone Planters offer untold beauty. Unlike traditional large cement planters that are reinforced with steel, our Greco pedestal cast stone planters are manufactured using the latest technology. By infusing them with glass fibers mixed into the concrete, this Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, or GFRC for short, provides all the textural appeal of concrete without its weight. In fact, these round garden containers provide even greater strength and durability than concrete alone can. They won't crack, crumble or chip. Plus, without the steel that is commonly used in concrete bowl planters, they won't oxidize or rust either. And they're lightweight. Besides the durability and endurance of cast stone, the Greco concrete bowl planter can be shaped easily due to GFRC's flexibility.

Consider our latest material addition -- fiberstone -- for bustling public locations. Weighing less than GFRC and far less than conventional concrete, our fiberstone planters stand the test of time.

The Large Garden Planter For Many Settings

The Greco Roman style bowl large garden planter can be incorporated into many settings. With its wide mouth, it provides an expansive space for vividly colored flowers in front of an upscale resort. Equally adaptable, the Greco can look just as grand when flanking corporate headquarters or at a chic and sophisticated spa. They make great design additions near swimming pools and can even be used as fish bowls, they offer so much room. Besides their many uses outdoors they can grace the interior of a home or business. While they come with pre-drilled holes for drainage when used outside, the Greco Bowl stone planters can be ordered without holes. When using indoors (or outside) add a self-watering reservoir to keep maintenance and staff costs down. And reservoirs can keep flowers and foliage hydrated up to two weeks, depending on plant type and weather.

Greco Bowl Stone Planters Around Town

Greco Bowl Stone Planters around town help create a stylish civic or business appearance. Line city streets and fill with colorful flowers or succulents. Save money and populate them with artificial ferns or grasses. Eco-friendly faux foliage conserves water and eliminates staff expenses. And the Greco bowl planters make stunning exterior decor additions outside libraries, city halls, and theaters. We have several color options and finishes to choose from, as well as sizes. If you don't find the color, size or texture your plans call for, just give us a call. Our design experts love customization projects to meet your exact specifications.

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