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From its unique shape and modern styling, to its strong construction and artful appearance, the Geo round cast stone pots are designed with high class design themes in mind.

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Geo Round Cast Stone Planters

From its unique shape and modern styling, to its strong construction and artful appearance, the Geo round cast stone pots are designed with high class design themes in mind. Each of our large composite concrete planter pots are crafted by hand and constructed with the tools used by skilled artists who take what they do with great attention to detail. You can see the quality on every side and at every angle, making these outdoor planters suit many types of locations ranging from five star resort retreats to swanky homes. They also make a statement when placed along streets or storefronts, or when used to partition specific areas to create private areas for customers and diners visiting upscale eateries and retail spaces.
Each of these round commercial outdoor planters is crafted from a unique blend of real concrete and fiberglass. This provides the strength of both materials, along with the lightweight appeal without your having to give up the stone appearing heft you love. Choose from over 6 beautiful finish options, or call about custom colors to coordinate with your upcoming design theme. You can also customize these planters with or without drainage holes, corporate logos and branding, and even carved details for a realistic pottery-like appeal.

  • Diameter - 27"
  • Material - Cast Stone
  • Shape - Dodecahedron
  • Color - Black, Bone White, Chaps Brown, Charcoal Gray, Concrete Gray, Limestone

Captivating Geo Round Cast Stone Pots

For a unique planter appearance, check out the captivating Geo Round Cast Stone Pots made from enduring GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete.) Ranging from a petite 9 1/2 inch circumference to a larger 34 inch diameter, the Geo outdoor planters provide a distinctive shape to otherwise traditional options. Sporting multiple slanted dimensions of equal size to create a geodesic affect, our Geo concrete planter pots offer a departure from the typical round, oval, square or rectangle shape of most planters. As such, while these round commercial outdoor planters hold the mouth and base of a circle, the sides reveal a surprising and innovative styling uncommon in other shapes.

The Fiberglass Advantage of Cast Stone Planters

Cast stone planters made with glass fiber reinforcement offer infinite design possibilities due, in part, to the innate flexibility GFRC material provides. By offering 'bendable' concrete from its glass fiber integration, we are able to craft Geo round garden planters to create the innovative shapes you see here. In addition to GFRCs flexibility, it makes the planter lightweight, at a quarter of concrete's load. What's more, without concrete's traditional reinforcing material of steel, not only is it lighter in weight, the Geo is not subject a corrosive effect that occurs in steel reinforced products. Plus, GFRC won't crack, chip or crumble like concrete can. Nor will cast stone made from GFRC material endure the damage that UV rays can cause.

Additionally, you can upgrade from GRFC to even lighter and more durable Fiberstone. Fiberstone is extremely durable, making it perfect for use in crowded public spaces

Location, Location, Location for Geo Stone Planters

Geo cast stone planters make perfect design elements when added to upscale hotels, estate homes, resorts and health spas. Complete with a choice of a half dozen colors and finishes, the Geo round planters are equally at home in boutiques, sidewalk cafes, even outside event spaces such as theaters and auditoriums. Add a logo and place in your corporate offices' entryway. And while we offer them in three standard sizes, we can make whatever size your design plans require. That goes for color and finish as well. So whatever you need, just give us a call today to discuss your next project. Our design experts love special orders.

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