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For Commercial Cast Stone Planters that are equal parts form and function, than you need not search any further than the Easton cement planters.

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Easton Round Cast Stone Planters

For Commercial Cast Stone Planters that are equal parts form and function, than you need not search any further than the Easton cement planters. They boast beautiful details and etched carvings along their round exteriors, creating visual interest that is fitting for a whole range of décor themes. They are a quintessential finishing touch when flanking entries in hotels and other commercial areas, but they're equally pleasing to the eye when placed on patios and other outdoor spaces where color or a privacy divider is needed.
The Eason is a composite planter design made up of cement and fiberglass (GRFC - Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement). We craft each of our concrete flower pots by hand, paying extreme attention to every detail to ensure only the highest level of quality. Our round GFRC planters are both strong and durable: weather resistant but with the look of antique stone. It's also much lighter than comparable garden planters made from solid cement, making them easier to move as needed, especially when placed on casters.
Find a world of colors from which to choose, as well as varying sizes and other custom options that give you a virtually endless array of combinations.

  • Diameter - 18"
  • Material - Cast Stone
  • Shape - Round
  • Color - Black, Bone White, Chaps Brown, Charcoal Gray, Concrete Gray, Limestone

Elegant Easton Round Cast Stone Planters

The elegant Easton Round Cast Stone Planter Pots offer untold elegance as well as depth for most any commercial space. These large concrete planters come in three heights and widths and are available for complete customization as well. Colors are also subject to customization to meet your exact design specifications. Of course with six standard colors offered in muted shades, chances are one of them can be easily integrated into your design scheme. Beyond that, the elegance of the Easton large flower pot has ample room for a vibrant floral array or lush greenery, depending on preference. This large planters' exterior styling is designed to accent whatever it holds inside. Complete with alternating bands that appear as different protrusion levels, the Easton plant pots reflect both beauty and versatility.

Cast Stone Planters Made with GFRC

Cast stone outdoor planting pots made with GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) are built to last. Since stone planters are used outdoors they are exposed to weather fluctuations. In many environments weather patterns can be extreme, causing conventionally produced planters to break down and require replacement all too frequently. GFRC planters are created using a special formulation that incorporates glass fibers mixed into the concrete. This ability allows them to withstand weather extremes. While other concrete planters use steel to reinforce them, it can corrode over time. By contrast, our composite does not corrode. And it also resists fire and chemical damage, it's so rugged. In addition, GFRC planters won't break down when in continuous contact with wet soil like clay fiber pots can. Finally, GFRC planter pots are not damaged by UV rays like many resin formulated planters. All these material qualities make the Easton round GFRC planters enduring for a very smart buy indeed.

In addition to Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete we now offer Fiberstone. A material we make that weighs less than GFRC but is even more durable. Perfect for placement in busy public spaces.

Versatile Design Applications for Cast Stone Pots

With the rugged elegance of the Easton cast stone pots, they make stunning additions to many outdoor locations. Set them in courtyard patios and fill with boldly colored flowers. They also make wonderful additions when combined with other cast stone planters, providing contrast as to shape and height. Finally, when filling with any live foliage, save staff time and expense by adding self-watering reservoir systems. For this and other design applications or to inquire about customization options, please call us today to speak with one of our design experts.

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