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With its minimalist design and intricate details, Brio Round Cast Stone Planters are a perfect complement to park pathways, foyers, or outdoor dining areas where a little added color or barriers are needed.

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Brio Round Cast Stone Planters

With its minimalist design and intricate details, Brio Round Cast Stone Planters are a perfect complement to park pathways, foyers, or outdoor dining areas where a little added color or barriers are needed. Bands across the sides and a generous rolled lip maintain a realistic, smooth stone appearance, while the simplistic styling allows your plants to stand out and shine. Choose from many finish options to pair the façade seamlessly with your existing or upcoming interior or exterior decor. You may also personalize the look further with your own logo, lettering and additional details that make for unique outdoor planters that are customized to reflect your personality or brand.
These round planter pots are also made with lasting function at the forefront. They combine concrete strength with flexible fiberglass for something that is lightweight, strong, and highly resistant to the harsh weather extremes. The glass fibers reinforce the planter walls, making them ideal for use in locations with extreme temperatures or inclement weather, where solid stone items may become damaged.
Shop a range of planter sizes online, or call tp discuss your exact personalization needs with our design experts. You're sure to find the ideal combination of features, and our manufacturing professionals will deliver with superior precision and attention to every detail.

  • Diameter - 21.5"
  • Material - Cast Stone
  • Shape - Round
  • Color - Black, Bone White, Chaps Brown, Charcoal Gray, Concrete Gray, Limestone

The Handsome Brio Round Cast Stone Planters

The Brio Round Cast Stone Planters provide a stunning example of simplicity, yet with just enough intrigue to command attention. What's more, as outdoor planters available in just under a half dozen standard sizes, they are ideal for clustering in rows or creating staggered arrangements of blooms and blossoms. Yet, these commercial grade pots are more than simple concrete planters. Made with rugged Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC,) these beauties provide years of elegant use too. You can also upgrade to fiberstone for an additional cost for added strength at an even lighter weight. These durable outdoor planters offer exceptional strength due to their aggregate construction, which also makes them lighter weight than round cement planters alone. This cast stone manufacturing process also resists the ravages of temperature extremes, whether freezing cold or the blazing sun. What's more, cast stone planters made from GFRC and fiberstone provide unlimited shape, color and texture potential.

Customization of Round Pots Provides Design Flexibility

Simple by design to showcase flowers and foliage, Brio Fiberstone and GFRC round pots can be customized to your satisfaction. At its most basic, the Brio provides a lovely smooth surface that supports the rolled lips on the planter top and its mid-section. These can be modified to suit your design needs if you would prefer less or more roll. In addition, the planters' smooth surface can be re-contextualized to a rough-hewn appearance if your design plans call for a more rustic look. Sold with pre-drilled drainage holes to prevent root saturation, the Brio Round Cast Stone Planters can be ordered without them, making them as useful for your business interior as your exterior decor. In addition, you can add your logo to the Brio for instant brand recognition to customers and patrons alike.

Elegance Defined in the Brio Planters

In their own right, our Brio planters provide beauty and a comfortable design fit for many locations. In fact, because of their very simplicity, Brio cast stone pots are the perfect vessel for the plant life they contain. Set them in interior courtyards at elegant hotels, upscale restaurants, or add warmth to stark hospital environments. They also add beauty to civic space such as city hall, public libraries, as well as other government buildings. Theaters and museums also can be adorned with the Brio, whether customized or in their original design. With so much potential and customization opportunities, the Brio has quickly become one of the most popular planters on the market today. For additional information, please contact one of our design experts now.

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