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When you look at the Aria cast stone planters' round shape and smooth lines, you'll only have one word that comes to mind: elegance.

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Aria Round Cast Stone Planters

When you look at the Aria cast stone planters' round shape and smooth lines, you'll only have one word that comes to mind: elegance. Featuring carved detailing and ridges throughout and a simple overall physique that works well with all manner of flowers and décor themes, you really can't go wrong with these cement planter pots.
Like many of our handmade upscale items, these are made from our unique combination of concrete and fiberglass. This allows you to appreciate the inherent strengths of both materials. You get the rigidity and pottery-like antique feel of stone, while enjoying the flexibility and weather resistance of fiberglass, as well as allowing the planters to be less heavy than their solid stone counterparts.
Because all of our Aria urn planters are made by hand and are fully customizable. Choose from a slew of color schemes. Add textures and carved details, or even a company logo. Or, pick from an assortment of sizes. Buy large planters with or without drainage holes or and add a no-spill, no-drip internal irrigation system to keep your blooms healthier.
Place GFRC modern planters surrounding patio dining areas, in the lobbies of fine hotels and luxury retreats, or along city streets and park trails where a little extra beauty is appreciated.

  • Diameter - 16"
  • Material - Cast Stone
  • Shape - Round
  • Color - Black, Bone White, Chaps Brown, Charcoal Gray, Concrete Gray, Limestone

Aria Cast Stone Planters - Round Style

When you are looking for classic cast stone planters with a round vessel styling, the Aria delivers generously. It has a rolled lip on top that is followed by a gently protruded ridge design in the planter's middle, and a petite pedestal-like footing at the bottom. These cement planter pots convey all the heft of real cement without the actual weight. In fact, at only a quarter of cement's load, they are easier to move from place to place yet deter theft since they mimic their heavier counterparts, fooling thieves. This makes the Aria Cast Stone Planter perfect for any commercial space, especially for designers looking for urn shaped planters suited for hotel lobbies, corridors, conference rooms and banquet halls.

Large Planters with Lightweight Material

The Aria Cast Stone large planters come in a variety of sizes, with custom sizes always an option. From smaller sizes perfect to use as fresh or spoiled towel holders in your favorite spa, to mega sizes designed to hold large shrubs or trees in atriums or out of doors, these cast stone planters are made with the latest GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) technology. GFRC is not only tougher than concrete but it is only a fraction of the weight. GFRC also won't chip or crack, providing years of design service. Perfect for hotels, restaurants, upscale resorts, casinos, businesses, office parks and civic centers, the Aria Cast Stone modern planters have the look of antiquities yet with the most up-to-date durability. Available with or without drainage holes, the Aria looks beautiful placed inside or out.

Unlimited Customization Options Abound

Besides customization options as to size, even color, we can manufacture your Aria Cast Stone planters with special finishes. Add carving details and ridges throughout the planter. Or change the finish to a rougher or smoother surface, whichever your design specifications call for. The Aria planters are fully customizable. Rugged enough to last indefinitely yet flexible enough for custom creations. For additional information about custom capability or to discuss your next project, call us today and speak with one of our design specialists.

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