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Pilkington OptiView™ Anti-Reflective Glass

Anti-reflective glass that reduces visible light reflectance


Pilkington OptiView™ is a color neutral, anti-reflective,pyrolytic coated product. It can be used in a monolithic or laminated application.

  • Pilkington OptiView™is a laminated glass with anti-reflective coatings on surfaces #1 and #4 (both outer surfaces of the laminated glass), which reduces interior and exterior visible light reflectance toless than2%. As a consequence, views from both inside and out are clear, un-obscured and virtually reflection-free.
    Pilkington OptiView™ offers all the traditional benefits of laminated glass, such as improved safety, enhanced security, durability and acoustic properties. Furthermore, it provides protection from UV radiation (UVA and UVB) by blocking over 99% of UV transmittance, helping toreduce fading of the contents and interiors of a building.
  • Pilkington OptiView™in a monolithicapplication, with the low-reflective coating on one surface,reduces visible light reflectance and allows more visible light to pass through, when compared to clear float glass with 8% light reflectance as standard.


Pilkington OptiView™ is ideal for a wide range of traditional and new low reflective applications in which clarity of view is of paramount importance. Examples include:

• Museums
• Display cases
• Retail shop windows
• Showrooms
• Restaurants
• High-rise condo’s and apartments
• Sports stadiums
• Glass atriums

Pilkington OptiView™ can enhance any view, either looking inwards or out. Adding to its unique properties, Pilkington OptiView™ is available in larger sizes and achieves a more neutral color than any other low reflective glass providing architects with greater innovative freedom than before.

*Mock-ups recommended to understand slight off-angle color shift.

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  • Reduces exterior and interior visible light reflectance to less than 2%

  • Transmits more than 90% visible light

  • Superior safety, security and acoustic performance

  • Blocks over 99% of UV transmittance

  • Durable pyrolytic (hard coat)surface, bendable and temperable