Overly Door Co. -Model DFC Metal Door - Bullet-Resistant

Model DFC Metal Door - Bullet-Resistant

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Model DFC Metal Door - Bullet-Resistant

Model Number: Model DFC Metal Door

Swinging Flush Metal Door / Clamp On Frame

Quick Specs

Maximum Fire Rating:

Recommended Hardware
Closers | Exit Devices | Locks


  • Guard Houses
  • Embassies
  • Control Rooms
  • Cashier Areas
  • Entry Control Facilities (including sally ports)
Opaque Armor:
Doors and frames are formed from bullet resisting steels, suitably reinforced as required to meet UL test criteria. Frame corners are mitered and welded. Both doors and frames are supplied with all necessary internal hardware reinforcements. Double rabbeted clamp-on frames are telescopic which adjust to variations in wall thicknesses by clamping the wall opening. Finished wall thickness must be specified at time of order.

Bullet Resisting:
Assemblies are listed by Underwriters Laboratories,Inc. (UL) as being bullet resisting assemblies in compliance with Standard for Safety-UL 752, Bullet-Resisting Equipment for the following threat levels:

  • UL Level 1
  • UL Level 2
  • UL Level 3
  • UL Level 4
  • UL Level 5
  • UL Level 6
  • UL Level 7
  • UL Level 8

Desired threat level must be specified at time of placement of order.

Both door and frame are supplied with prime painted finish.

Fire Ratings:
All bullet resistant rated doors and frames may also be UL fire-rated for up to three hours under UL standard 10B fire tests of door assemblies.

Desired fire rating must be specified at time of order.

Door and frame are reinforced, mortised and appropriately drilled and tapped for installation of hardware, If hardware is included, it is supplied in a separate shipping carton, normally individually for each opening.

Standard Hardware Set For Interior Doors:

  • 1½ pair Hager hinges, Model BB1168; 5" x 4½" NRP (non-removable pin), with US26D (dull chrome) finish.
  • One Corbin Russwin Mortise Lockset Model ML 2057 with US26D (dull chrome) finish.
  • One Norton 1604H x Al surface closer.
Standard Hardware Set For Exterior Doors Same as above, except for:
  • 1½ pair Hager hinges, Model BB1199; 5" x 4½" NRP (non-removable pin), with US26D (dull chrome) finish.
Standard Hardware Set For HPR (High Power Rifle) Rated Doors Same as above, except for:
  • 1½ pair factory customized Hager hinges, Model BB1199; 6" x 5" NRP (non-removable pin), with US26D (dull chrome) finish.
  • Electric strikes, position indicators and hinge sensors are available and may also be prepped for.
Single door and frame orders are shipped in three appropriate packages comprising of the frame and reinforcing spreader, the door and if included, the hardware packages. Multiple orders are "bunched" and crated. Doorframes "wrap around" the finished wall thickness, concealing the prepared wall
opening. Installation is accomplished by blocking the exterior fame section in place within the wall opening, inserting the interior clamping flange into the exterior frame section, transferring hole locations from the clamping flange, drilling, tapping and bolting the frame and flange together with supplied
fasteners thus clamping the wall. Hinges are applied to the door. The door is lifted into the opening and shimmed. Screws are then applied through the hinges to the frame. The lockset is mounted to the door in prepared locations. The door and frame must now be drilled and tapped per supplied template for
installation of closer.

Clamp-On Frame
The frame is equipped with a clamp-on frames. This allows the wall to be built and receive the frame at a later date. Various anchor bolt configurations are available, as well as custom options. Please be sure to contact us for a rough opening prior to wall construction.

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