Overly Door Co. -Model AWC Metal Window - Bullet-Resistant

Model AWC Metal Window - Bullet-Resistant

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Model AWC Metal Window - Bullet-Resistant

Model Number: Model AWC Metal Window

Armored Vision Window

Bullet Resisting:
Assemblies are listed by Underwriters Laboratories,Inc. (UL) as being bullet resisting assemblies in compliance with Standard for Safety-UL 752, Bullet-Resisting Equipment for the following threat levels:

  • UL Level 1
  • UL Level 2
  • UL Level 3
  • UL Level 4
  • UL Level 5
  • UL Level 6
  • UL Level 7
  • UL Level 8

Desired threat level must be specified at time of placement of order.

Armored Vision Windows provide transparent security for interior and exterior installations such as:

  • Guard Houses
  • Embassies
  • Control Rooms
  • Cashier Areas
  • Ballistic protected areas requiring direct visual contact
Opaque Armor:
Vision Window frames are formed from bullet-resisting steels suitably reinforced as required to meet UL test criteria. Frame corners are mitered and welded. Frames are telescopic and adjust to variations in finished wall thicknesses by clamping the wall open. The finished wall thickness must be specified at time of order.

Transparent Armor:
The unit can be supplied with UL Listed bullet-resisting glazing of appropriate thickness and type to meet the specified ballistic rating. If included, transparent armor is not glazed at the factory. It and the frame are shipped in separate cartons for each installation.The necessary gaskets and attachment screws are provided for seating transparent armor into the framing. Glazing is the responsibility of the installer.

Four standard frame finishes are available and must be specified at the time of order. These are:

  • Prime painted on both the interior and exterior sides of frame.
  • Satin stainless steel on both the interior and exterior sides of frame.
  • Satin stainless steel on exterior (public) side of frame, the interior (secure) frames is prime painted.
  • Satin stainless steel on the interior (secure) side of frame, the exterior (public) side is prime painted.
The opaque portion (frame) "wraps around" the finished wall thickness, concealing the prepared wall opening. Installation is accomplished by blocking the exterior frame section in place within the wall opening, inserting the interior clamping flange into the exterior frame section, transferring hole locations from the clamping flange, drilling, tapping and bolting the section and flange together with supplied fasteners thus clamping the wall.

Special finishes, cladding, tinted glass or non-standard sizes available upon request.

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