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UPJunior UltraCompact VariO Loudspeaker

Peak Power in a Small Package

UPJunior brings the sonic signature, versatile rigging, and extraordinary power-to-size ratio of the UPJ to a smaller package, combining the advantages of a self-powered system with the placement and arraying flexibility afforded by a VariO rotatable horn.

Two Options for Tight Spaces

Choose either the UPJunior or UPJunior-XP with the added flexibility of external DC power and lengthy cable runs without AC conduits. The UPJuniors integrate seamlessly with UPM and UPJ loudspeakers.

Precise Coverage Control

Our Constant-Q horn affords uniform response throughout coverage area, while the VariO rotatable horn allows loudspeakers to be oriented horizontally or vertically, adding great flexibility to your design.

Applications and Venues

Use the UPJunior for portable and installed AV systems, theatrical sound reinforcement, frontfill and under-balcony fill, conference centers, presentations, ballrooms, or houses of worship.

UPJunior: Versatile and UltraCompact

Though remarkably compact and lightweight, the UPJunior delivers robust peak power output making it suitable for use as either a single, primary loudspeaker or within multicabinet horizontal and vertical arrays.

UPJunior-XP: With Intelligent DC

The UPJunior-XP, with IntelligentDC technology, offers the same sonic signature, robust peak power output, and rotatable VariO horn as the UPJunior but with the added flexibility of external DC power and lengthy cable runs without AC conduits.

Intelligent DC for Long Cable Runs

With IntelligentDC technology, the UPJunior-XP receives DC power and balanced audio from a single loudspeaker connector. Powering the unit from an external source eliminates the need for wiring conduits while still preserving the advantages of self-powered systems.

Robust Cabinet & Mounting Hardware

The UPJunior cabinet is coated with a black textured finish and includes heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant aluminum end plates with threaded attachment points for basic eyebolt rigging and third-party pole assemblies. Other options include weather protection and custom colors for fixed installations and installations with specific cosmetic requirements.

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