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LEOPARD Compact Linear Line Array Loudspeaker

An Audio Accuracy That Connects

With its exceptional precision and headroom, the patent-pending LEOPARD reproduces the audio source with extraordinary accuracy, captivating audiences with both power and subtle musical detail.

Full Impact With a Fraction of the Weight

Innovative engineering brings the astonishing audio capabilities of the LEO Family to a compact and versatile package.

A Loudspeaker of Many Hats

A truly multipurpose system, LEOPARD is ideally suited to everything from mid-sized touring and live theatre to worship and live performance installations, and from symphony music to heavy metal.

Natively Simple

LEOPARD is optimized for use in arrays, with default low-mid array compensation for the simplest set-up, ever. Get great sound right from the start with Native Mode.

Reliable and Convenient Power Distro

To maintain signal integrity, the MDM-5000 distribution module offers LEO Family users a dependable and easy way to route AC power, audio, and RMS signals.

Exemplary Power-to-weight Ratio

An array of six LEOPARD with two accompanying 900-LFC loudspeakers can be flown using only a ½ ton motor.

Engineered for Efficiency

New class-D amplifier significantly reduces distortion while consuming less power and generating less heat.

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