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Ashby Ceiling Loudspeakers

When Every Word Matters

The Ashby’s dual-driver concentric configuration offers accuracy and fidelity over a full range: Experience it all, from crystal-clear speech to music’s sparkling highs and rich bass.

The Amplified Advantage

The self-powered Ashby reproduces sound accurately and consistently with minimal distortion even at high levels, while boasting linearity that’s unparalleled in a ceiling speaker.

Every Spot is Sweet

The Ashby’s innovative concentric speaker design offers a smooth, even 100-degree pattern-meaning you can distribute high-fidelity sound over a wider listening area, using fewer speakers.

The Power of Constellation

Ashby integrates completely with Meyer Sound’s Constellation Acoustic System, which lets you transform any listening space with a single finger tap. Imagine the sonic possibilities.

Freedom of Choice

From spoken announcements to music, our loudspeaker options have you covered. Choose from the 5-inch Ashby-5C, or for even deeper low-end and higher output, the 8-inch Ashby-8C.

Less (Wire) is More

Ashby’s Intelligent DC technology receives balanced audio and DC power from a single composite cable and connector-letting you skip the conduit and run longer, lighter-gauge cable runs, for more flexible installation options.

A Disappearing Act

With a discreet, flush-mount grille that can be painted to match any décor, the Ashby line won’t cramp your style. With this speaker, out of sight is out of mind.

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