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Amie Precision Studio Monitor

Flawless Translation Transforms a Creative Path

Amie unleashes your creative power by extending the accurate translation of the Meyer Sound Acheron screen channel loudspeakers to smaller studio environments.

Effortless Power and Precision

From the intricate details of dialog to dynamic music tracks and explosive action sequences, Amie reproduces it all with ease.

Phenomenal Imaging Brings Your Mix to Life

Developed to meet the demanding needs of audio professionals, Amie allows you to hear your work with unparalleled depth, precision, and presence.

A Reliable Partner

Postproduction professionals can count on Amie’s sonic transparency to deliver exceptional imaging and ultimate accuracy that translates easily to larger systems.

Give Your Creative Toolkit a Clarity Boost

Designed for linear reproduction, Amie’s exceptional imaging is a result of a near-perfect impulse response and ultra low distortion - reducing time for rework on larger systems, and minimizing engineers' ear fatigue.

Small Footprint. Big Impact.

Amie’s impressive power-to-size ratio can make your edit room sound like the mixing stage.

Engineered for Linearity

Patented class-D amplifier provides incredible peak power and reduces distortion.

Flexibility and Durability Worthy of a First-class Loudspeaker

With Amie, Meyer Sound brings four decades of building reliable concert systems to studio monitoring, with varied mounting options for utmost flexibility.

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