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Monitors power consumption for up to eight systems.

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Power Distribution Indicator (PDI)

Monitors power consumption for up to eight systems.

The Power Distribution Indicator (PDI) Standard and Premium tracks outdoor unit energy consumption broken down by indoor unit operation ratio. The PDI requires a field supplied wattmeter per outdoor unit and can track the outdoor units power consumption for up to eight outdoor units and 128 indoor units.

Instant power, cumulative power consumption, and errors are displayed by indoor unit on the four line LCD display. Data can be downloaded to a USB drive or PC or have it emailed. The PDI Standard or Premium can be used with the AC Smart Premium, Advanced Control Platform (ACP) Standard or Premium, and BACnet® or LonWorks® gateways.

Benefits & Features
  • 20 x 4 Character LCD

  • Tracks energy consumption and distributes to indoor units by operation ratio

  • Displays Instant Power, Cumulative Power, and Errors on the LCD

  • PDI Unit Power, Communication, and Meter Input Status LEDs

  • Power Distribution Indicator (PDI) Premium PQNUD1S41:
  • Compatible with 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 Wh/Pulse Meters

  • Compatible with AC Smart Premium, ACP Standard/Premium, BACnet® & LonWorks® Gateways

  • Power Distribution Indicator (PDI) Standard PPWRDB000:
  • Compatible with 1 W/Pulse, 2 W/Pulse, 4 W/Pulse, 6 W/Pulse, 8 W/Pulse, 10 W/Pulse, 100 W/Pulse, PT/CT(1-50 000).

  • Compatible with all ACP platform controllers and LonWorks® Gateway.

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