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Fiber glass-reinforced, asphalt-coated venting base sheet.

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Ventsulation - SBS Roofing Systems

Fiber glass-reinforced, asphalt-coated venting base sheet.

Material meets the requirements of ASTM D 4897, Type II

Ventsulation Felt may be used as a base sheet for any built up roofing or modified bitumen roofing system to be installed over a substrate that potentially contains moisture.

1" Embossed Waffle Pattern Grid Channels: Promotes moisture vapor venting. Helps prevent blistering of asphalt-based roofs when installed over potential moisture-containing substrates such as: Re-covers over existing roof membranes, lightweight insulating fill or gypsum decks.

Fiber Glass Reinforcement Mat: Low moisture, excellent dimensional stability and resistance to rot make it an ideal replacement for organic base sheets. Provides a solid dimensionally stable substrate for other roofing membrane components.

Surfacing: Coarse minerals on one side.

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