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Insulation fastening system.

Category: fasteners | hardware | mechanically attached membranes...

MasterFormat: Membrane Roofing

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UltraFast AccuTrac Fastener and Plate System - Fasteners and Plates

Insulation fastening system.

The UltraFast AccuTrac Fastener and Plate System utilizes the standard UltraFast Fastener and the UltraFast Accutrac, recessed or flat bottomed, square plate. The AccuTrac tool positions the plate and installs fasteners 15⁄8" - 6" (4.13 cm - 15.24 cm) in a one-step process. Consistent vertical alignment of fasteners ensures maximum thread engagement and pullout performance.

Use: Membranes

Material: Fasteners - Case-Hardened Steel
Plates - Galvalume®*-Coated Steel

Gauge: #12

Head: #3 Phillips Head

Plate: UltraFast AccuTrac™ - 3" (7.62 cm) Square**

Color: Blue (fasteners), Grey (plates)

Deck Type: Wood or 18 - 24 gauge (1.25 mm - 0.51 mm) Metal.

*Galvalume is a registered trademark of BIEC International, Inc. and some of its licensed producers.

**Standard UltraFast Plates are not compatible with this system.

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