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Fiber glass-reinforced, asphalt-coated lightweight base sheet.

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PermaPly 28 - BUR Roofing Systems

Fiber glass-reinforced, asphalt-coated lightweight base sheet.

Material meets the requirements of ASTM D 4601, Type II

PermaPly 28 is designed for use as the first or base sheet in built up roofing or modified bitumen roof assemblies.

Lightweight: Exceptionally pliable, easy to handle and lays flat.

Asphalt Coating: Makes it suitable as an intermediate or ply felt in cold-applied built-up and modified bitumen roof assemblies.

Ideal for Mechanical Attachment: Use where mechanical attachment of the membrane to the roof substrate or deck is desired.

Fiber Glass Reinforcement Mat: Low moisture, excellent dimensional stability and resistance to rot make it an ideal replacement for organic base or ply sheets. Provides a solid dimensionally stable substrate for other roofing membrane components.

Laying Lines: Laying lines are imprinted on the top surface so the roofing mechanic can install the felt with the proper exposure and provide the correct number of plies.

Surfacing: Fine mineral parting agent.

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