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Nailboard (Regular and Vented) Fastener for use with wood decks.

Category: fasteners | hardware | mechanically attached membranes...

MasterFormat: Membrane Roofing

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Nail-Lok WD - Fasteners and Plates

Nailboard (Regular and Vented) Fastener for use with wood decks.

Nail-Lok WD is utilized with wood decks in several panel applications including Nailboard, Vented Nailboard, structural insulated panels (SIP), and prefabricated wall panels. The extra-large star/spider head increases pull-through resistance and eliminates the need for plates or washers.

Use: Nailboard and Vented Nailboard Fastener.

Material: 10B21 steel with a corrosion-resistant coating.

Shank: 0.190” diameter

Head: 0.625” diameter star/spider drive (Free drive bits in each bucket).

Point: Gimlet

Color: Black Deck Type: Wood

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