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Insulation and Membrane Fastening Plate

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JM isoweld - Fasteners and Plates

Insulation and Membrane Fastening Plate

JM isoweld is 3.12" (79.2 mm) round G-90 steel plate with a flat bonding surface of proprietary TPO or PVC adhesive coating. Utilizing induction weld technology, JM isoweld simultaneously fastens the insulation and membrane.

Use: Insulation, TPO and PVC Membranes
Material: G-90 steel with proprietary coating
Plate: 3.12" (7.9 cm) round
Color: TPO = Yellow, PVC = Purple
Deck Type: Wood, Steel, or Structural Concrete Fastener Compatibility

Designed to be used with JM #15 Dekfast Fasteners.

JM #15 Dekfast Fastener is a corrosion-resistant e-coat #15 fastener with a #3 Phillips head, and a drill point designed for quick installation in new or re-roof applications.

Use: JM isoweld® system only
Material: Carbon Steel
Gauge: #15
Head: #3 Phillips head
Color: Black
Deck Type: Wood, 18 - 24 gauge (1.25 mm - 0.56 mm) Steel, or structural concrete.

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