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Polyester/fiber glass-reinforced, asphalt-coated base, ply or flashing sheet.

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GlasTite Flexible - BUR Roofing Systems

Polyester/fiber glass-reinforced, asphalt-coated base, ply or flashing sheet.

Meets the requirements of ASTM D 4601, Type II

GlasTite Flexible is intended to be used as a base sheet, ply sheet, or flashing membrane in built up roofing systems.

Fiber Glass/Polyester Composite Reinforcement Mat: Provides superior flexibility and conformability, making it easy and quick to install. Exceptionally high tensile strength delivers superior protection against splitting as well as excellent puncture and tear resistance to prevent damage often caused by rooftop traffic.

Ideal for Flashing Systems: Superior flexibility and conformability allows the mechanics to easily and quickly install tight flashing systems and make it ideal for all roof terminations, including parapet walls, skylights, roof penetrations, drains, vents and roof edges. GlasTite Flexible does not bridge at the cant and will not pull away from the substrate after it has been installed.

Laying Lines: Laying lines are imprinted on the top surface so the roofing mechanic can install the felt with the proper exposure and provide the correct number of plies.

Surfacing: Fine mineral parting agent

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