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Fiber glass-reinforced, asphalt-coated ply sheet IV.

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GlasPly IV - BUR Roofing Systems

Fiber glass-reinforced, asphalt-coated ply sheet IV.

Material meets the requirements of ASTM D 2178, Type IV

GlasPly IV is intended for use as an interply in any built up roofing or modified bitumen roofing system.

Excellent Porosity: Easy to handle, lays flat, minimizes workmanshiprelated problems such as fishmouths, wrinkles and ridges. Allows the product to readily accept hot asphalt and disperses it throughout the entire felt, to stabilize asphalt after cooling.

Asphalt Impregnated, Fiber Glass Reinforcement Mat: Offers consistent tensile strength and tear resistance. Low moisture, excellent dimensional stability and resistance to rot make it an ideal replacement for organic ply sheets. Provides a solid dimensionally stable substrate for other roofing membrane components.

Laying Lines: Before the product is wound into rolls, it is imprinted with laying lines on the top surface so the roofing mechanic can install the felt with the proper exposure and provide the correct number of plies.

Surfacing: Liquid parting agent eliminates sticking when the felt is unrolled.

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