J.R. Clancy, Incorporated -Titan® High Performance Hoist - Automated Theatrical Rigging System

Built for Performance

The Titan is a high performance hoist for applications requiring large capacity, speed and/or long travel.

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Titan® High Performance Hoist - Automated Theatrical Rigging System

Built for Performance

The Titan is a high performance hoist for applications requiring large capacity, speed and/or long travel. Titan is a customizable pre-engineered hoist - it is engineered and manufactured to your requirements yet provides the economic benefits of an "off-the-shelf" system.

Titan's high capacity and speeds make it ideal for demanding stage hoisting applications including:

  • Lighting
  • Scenery
  • Shell ceilings

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    • Integrated gearmotor and brake provide proven reliability and feature an iron case for vibration and noise control.

    • Reliable head block with nylon sheaves provide long, trouble-free life and meet or exceed wire rope manufacturer recom-mendations.

    • Zero-fleet design allows for a compact, efficient hoist. Pre-loaded chase rollers ensure cables stay in grooves.

    • Closed loop vector drives provide pinpoint accuracy.

    • A complete suite of load and safety features is available including slack line, over/under load, and cross-groove detection. Load monitoring, acoustic dampening, and safety covers can also be added.

    • Hoists can be mounted vertically or horizontally. For theatres without grids, vertical mounting can save space and offers easier access for maintenance.

    • Steel backbone adapts to your mounting and load requirements.

    • Dual braking system with a primary brake on the motor and a completely independent SureBrake® II operating directly on the drum shaft. SureBrake® II is spring applied and electrically released for maximum safety.

    • Emergency-stop system meets NFPA 79 (Elec-trical Standard for Industrial Machinery) with ramped stops to reduce mechanical shock loads.

    • Two levels of limit switches with normal travel and overtravel switches using separate, redun-dant circuits for added security.

    • Loft block idlers contain individual grooves to keep lines contained, prevent tangles, and eliminate rubbing of adjacent lines.

    • Touch-safe interior of all electrical enclosures guards to prevent contact with live components, per IEC 204-1 Protection.


Titan® Hoist Speeds and Capacities
TypeHoist SpeedHoist Capacity
Medium Duty Titan Utility20 FPM2500 Lbs.
Heavy Duty Titan Utility20 FPM3300 Lbs.
Light Duty Titan - 240240 FPM2000 Lbs.
Medium Duty Titan - 240240 FPM2500 Lbs.
Heavy Duty Titan - 240240 FPM3000 Lbs.
Light Duty Titan - 360360 FPM1350 Lbs.
Medium Duty Titan - 360360 FPM1700 Lbs.
Heavy Duty Titan - 360360 FPM2000 Lbs.
Maximum Speed Titan - 600600 FPM1200 Lbs.
Maximum Speed Titan - 725725 FPM1000 Lbs.