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Epicore Roof and Floor Deck Ceiling Systems

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Epicore Roof and Floor Deck Ceiling Systems

The Epicore® product line of roof and floor deck ceiling systems was designed to give architects and engineers a system that provides an architectural feature, a structural element, a finished ceiling, and acoustic control. This architectural ceiling structure provides a linear plank appearance, hidden roofing fasteners, a grid hanging system, and longer clear spans. Roof deck ceiling systems spanning from 6 to 32 feet, Epicore allows longer, visually unobstructed ceiling surface areas. When designed into curved, serpentine, cathedral, or barrel-vaulted ceilings, these systems can establish a dramatic focal point. (For Composite Floor Deck Ceiling System information, please register to view the Epicore catalog.)

The numerous benefits of the Epicore Roof and Floor Deck Ceiling Systems can lead to their specification in the following types of projects; schools and universities, airport terminals, arenas, art galleries, canopies, gymnasiums, hospitals, hotels, libraries, museums, office buildings, theaters, and more…

Epicore Hanging Feature

The Epicore dovetail profile offers a hanging feature to accommodate signage, lighting, or other mechanical and utility components. Epicore hangers can be placed continuously, spaced across the width of the profile. Hangers can be installed as they are needed and can be relocated, reused, or removed at any time during the life of the building.

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Epicore Roof and Floor Deck Ceiling Systems
Epicore ER6.5ASpans 16' to 32'. Depth 6.5".
Epicore ER5ASpans 12' to 26'. Depth 5".
Epicore ER3.5ASpans 10' to 25'. Depth 3.5".
Epicore ER2RASpans 6' to 13'. Depth 2".
Epicore 3.5ASpans 10' to 25'. Depth 3.5".
Epicore 3.5Spans 10' to 25'. Depth 3.5".
Epicore ASpans 6' to 20'. Depth 2".
EpicoreSpans 6' to 20'. Depth 2".