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Jr. Pitching Machine

Model Number: 36907

  • The most widely used youth pitching machine!
  • Available in a Baseball only and a combination baseball/softball version.
  • Portable, easy to move design sets up and converts in minutes.
  • The pneumatic wheel throws fastballs from 15-60 mph along with risers and drops.
  • Its swivel design base casting provides
  • Degree movement for fly balls, pop-ups and ground balls.
  • The unit is safe and simple to operate with the digital speed readout which throws the exact speed desired.
  • The Jr. Combo is complete with a baseball chute and long straight legs, and a softball chute with curved legs.
  • This way you can see pitches thrown from a realistic release point for both sports.
  • It throws baseballs, 11” and 12” softballs, tennis balls, dimpled and a wide variety of practice balls.

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