Beacon Industries, Inc. -Hydraulic Loading Dock Ramp - Beacon® BEH5 Series


This model of Hydraulic Loading Dock Ramp is designed with nominal lengths up to 12' to create less grade angle.

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Hydraulic Loading Dock Ramp - Beacon® BEH5 Series

This model of Hydraulic Loading Dock Ramp is designed with nominal lengths up to 12' to create less grade angle. This Hydraulic Loading Dock Ramp series is ideal for either low docks for standard over the road trucks or to compensate for refrigerated trucks or containers on shipping service. The unit creates a safe working environment and reduces impact on substructure during the loading and unloading process.

Product Details
  • Construction: Heavy duty steel construction.
  • Service Range: Service range is 12" above dock and 12" below dock for a total of 24" vertical travel working range.
  • Overall Width: Designed with overall widths up 97" wide to allow for wide loads on flatbeds.
  • Overall Length: Available with lengths up to 12' nominal for extra long smooth transitions from dock to truck service.
  • Powered: TheHydraulic Loading Dock Ramp deck is raised with hydraulic dual lift cylinders with a one lip cylinder. Driven by a hydraulic motor pump reservoir self contained unit for easy access mounted to the sub frame.
  • Color: Beacon Industrial Grey.
  • Operation: Wall mounted push button control station box.
  • Capacities: The BEH5 series is rated up to 60,000 lbs static / 30,000 lbs dynamic capacity.
  • Standard: Full Range safety toe guards.
  • Options: Painted safety yellow and black strips on entire side of the Long Dock Leveler safety toe guards.
  • Warranty: Five-year structural and cylinders and one year pump and motor. Extended warranties available.
  • Surcharge: Tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing.

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Long Dock Leveler - BEH5 Series
Model No.CapacityWidthHeightLength
1) BEH56112020,00072"23½"11'
2) BEH56122020,00072"23½"12'
3) BEH561120.520,00078"23½"11'
4) BEH561220.520,00078"23½"12'
5) BEH57112020,00083"23½"11'
6) BEH57122020,00083"23½"12'
7) BEH58112020,00096"23½"11'
8) BEH58122020,00096"23½"12'
9) BEH56113030,00072"23½"11'
10) BEH56123030,00072"23½"12'
11) BEH561130.530,00078"23½"11'
12) BEH561230.530,00078"23½"12'
13) BEH57113030,00083"23½"11'
14) BEH57123030,00083"23½"12'
15) BEH58113030,00096"23½"11'
16) BEH58123030,00096"23½"12'
Long Dock Leveler - BEH5 Series (continued)
Model No.CapacityWidthHeightLength
17) BEH56114040,00072"23½"11'
18) BEH56124040,00072"23½"12'
19) BEH561140.540,00078"23½"11'
20) BEH561240.540,00078"23½"12'
21) BEH57114040,00083"23½"11'
22) BEH57124040,00083"23½"12'
23) BEH56115050,00072"23½"11'
24) BEH56125050,00072"23½"12'
25) BEH561150.550,00078"23½"11'
26) BEH561250.550,00078"23½"12'
27) BEH57115050,00083"23½"11'
28) BEH57125050,00083"23½"12'
29) BEH56116060,00072"23½"11'
30) BEH56126060,00072"23½"12'
31) BEH561160.560,00078"23½"11'
32) BEH561260.560,00078"23½"12'
33) BEH57116060,00083"23½"11'
34) BEH57126060,00083"23½"12'