Beacon Industries, Inc. -Air Dock Levelers - Beacon® BX3 Series


Beacon® Air Dock Levelers with mechanical override for emergencies and power outages, compensate for height differences between truck beds and loading docks.

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Air Dock Levelers - Beacon® BX3 Series

Beacon® Air Dock Levelers with mechanical override for emergencies and power outages, compensate for height differences between truck beds and loading docks. These Pneumatic Powered Levelers feature simple, push-button controls, automatic recycling lip, and operation powered through shop air. The lightweight lowering feature gently lowers lip onto truck bed with just the push of a foot. In case of a power outage, units may be operated manually using a pull-chain. Lip keepers also serve as night locks for extra security and allow for safe cross traffic when stored.

Product Details
  • Construction: Deck is constructed from 1/4" 55,000-lb. minimum yield steel and is supported by structural C channel. Beams welded to full-width header plate at unit's front. Lip is either 1/2" or 5/8" thick. Double 60,000-lb. safety legs add extra support.
  • Size: Units are available with deck widths of 6', 6' 6", or 7' and deck lengths of 6', 8', and 10'. Contact Beacon for custom sizes. Lip is 16" long. The continuous hinge is 1" or 1-1/8" in diameter and the hinge tube is 1-5/8" or 2" in overall diameter.
  • Service Range: Units have a service range of +/- 12" or +/- 16".
  • Powered: Reservoir air tank supply independently sold or fed by customer air supply sytem.
  • Installation: Easy installation with front and rear forklift slots and side ports. Rear angle is 2" wider than unit for extra welding space. Control panel may be mounted near dock door; compressor may be mounted above opening, near door, or remotely.
  • Color: These Air Dock Levelers are Beacon gray with yellow and black diagonal safety striping on toeguards.
  • Weight: 1,340 to 2,802 lbs.
  • Operation: Units are operated by shop air or optional compact, industrial strength compressor. The positive hold down feature allows up-down float when in service.
  • Capacity: Capacities range from 25,000 lbs. to 45,000 lbs.
  • Standard: Units come standard with 100' of air lines, lip keepers, grease fittings, 2 molded bumpers, direct extension spring counter balance, and maintenance strut. Custom sizes available.
  • Options: Air Dock Leveler options include 18" or 20" lip, abrasive deck, hot-dip galvanized finish, below dock control, laminated bumpers, powder-coated yellow full-range toeguards, side and rear weather seals, quiet-close hydra-lip, and foam insulation.
  • Surcharge: Tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing.

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Air Dock Levelers - BX3 Series
Model No.Capacity (LBS)WidthLengthHeight
1) BX3662525,0006'6'19"
2) BX36625.525,0006' 6"6'19"
3) BX3762525,0007'6'19"
4) BX3682525,0006'8'19"
5) BX36825.525,0006' 6"8'19"
6) BX3782525,0007'8'19"
7) BX36102525,0006'10'24"
8) BX361025.525,0006' 6"10'24"
9) BX37102525,0007'10'24"
10) BX3663030,0006'6'19"
11) BX36630.530,0006' 6"6'19"
12) BX3763030,0007'6'19"
13) BX3683030,0006'8'19"
14) BX36830.530,0006' 6"8'19"
15) BX3783030,0007'8'19"
16) BX36103030,0006'10'24"
17) BX361030.530,0006' 6"10'24"
18) BX37103030,0007'10'24"
19) BX3663535,0006'6'19"
20) BX36635.535,0006' 6"6'19"
21) BX3763535,0007'6'19"
22) BX3683535,0006'8'19"
23) BX36835.535,0006' 6"8'19"
24) BX3783535,0007'8'19"
25) BX36103535,0006'10'24"
26) BX361035.535,0006' 6"10'24"
27) BX37103535,0007'10'24"
Air Dock Levelers - BX3 Series (continued)
Model No.Capacity (LBS)WidthLengthHeight
28) BX3664040,0006'6'19"
29) BX36640.540,0006' 6"6'19"
30) BX3764040,0007'6'19"
31) BX3684040,0006'8'19"
32) BX36840.540,0006' 6"8'19"
33) BX3784040,0007'8'19"
34) BX36104040,0006'10'24"
35) BX361040.540,0006' 6"10'24"
36) BX37104040,0007'10'24"
37) BX3664545,0006'6'19"
38) BX36645.545,0006' 6"6'19"
39) BX3764545,0007'6'19"
40) BX3684545,0006'8'19"
41) BX36845.545,0006' 6"8'19"
42) BX3784545,0007'8'19"
43) BX36104545,0006'10'24"
44) BX361045.545,0006' 6"10'24"
45) BX37104545,0007'10'24"
Model No.DescriptionHPVoltagePhaseMax PSICFM @ 40 PSICFM @ 90 PSIPump TypePump DriveTank SizeTank OutletOverall Size (W x L x H)
46) BLA5706Optional PUMA Air Compressor for BX3 series1.5115V AC11503.02.2Single-StateDirect1.5 Gallons¼"8"x19"x18"